London (ots) - EQUITY Capital increase of approximately 6.315.850 GBP, to finance further growth in TURKEY

    From 16st October until 4th November, at the earliest, MARMARA MING PLC will present the company to investors during an international roadshow and encourage the public to purchase shares in MARMARA MINING PLC. The subscription period, during which investors can submit applications for shares, is expected to commence on 12th September 2008, by which time the price range of the offer is also expected to have been published. MARMARA MINING PLC intends its shares to begin trading at AIM (ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT MARKET, LONDON) in November 2008. "With the flotation of MARMARA MINING PLC we are opening up an attractive areas for potential growth in TURKEY", commented Tony van Westerhoven, CEO, MARMARA MINING PLC.

    The shares (2.390.000) on offer originate from the holdings  in a Trustaccount (Beneficial Owner is MARMARA MINIG PLC) being placed on the market. The target is, to raise 6.315.850 GBP (equity capital of MARMARA MINING PLC) to fund & finance  growth and expansion of MARMARA MINING PLC in Turkey. MARMARA MINING PLC (Incorporated and registered in England with registered No. 06598424), will do a Placing at AIM in London of 6m Ordinary Shares, GBD 0.01 each, at 360 pence (estimated) per share and placing 4m Preference Shares, GBD 0.01 each, at 390 pence (estimated) per share. The shares in the company will be offered to qualified investors and institutional investors in EUROPE and TURKEY in the form of private placements  before Flotation / IPO. After IPO free float should exceed 8%. Expected Free Float after Flotation of 12 months will be at 23.9%.  

    MARMARA MINING PLC will use the "decoupled book building process", a technique a new share issue is left until the last possible moment, usually in the course of a road show shortly before shares are placed. Tony van Westerhoven commented: in this way more accurate market oriented pricing is possible.

    PRE IPO offer of MARMARA MINING PLC PREFERENCE SHARES (lock up 12 months), 6 Roadshows dates 16.10.2008 - 4.11.2008 - EARLY BIRD REBATES:

    First round:        Limit offer of  300 000 Shares, each Share for    
                                USD 4.50
    Second round:      Limit offer of 600 000 Shares, each Share for    
                                USD 5.50
    Third round:        Limit offer of 300 000 Shares, each share for      
                                USD 6.00

    When the company is floated, Tony van Westerhoven will not divest any of his own holding and has undertaken not to do so, for a period of 36 months following the listing. Shareholders of MARMARA MINING PLC (92%) have undertaken in a Lock up Agreement from selling their shares for a set period of time via Public Market / Stockexchange. This Lockup agreements prohibit company insiders-including employees, their friends and family, and venture capitalists-from selling their shares for a set period of time (12 - 36 months). The terms of this lockup agreements ensure that shares owned by these insiders don't enter the public market too soon after the offering.

    MARMARA MINING PLC is in Turkey a producer and processor of manganese ore. Manganese ore are the raw materials for the steel industry and will remain in high demand mainly due to the growth of the economies of China and India. Around 90% of manganese ore worldwide is consumed in the steel industry, the majority of which is processed initially into manganese alloys. It is an essential and non-substitutable input to steel-making due to its alloying properties which improve toughness and hardness and its ability to desulphurise steel and prevent oxidation. MARMARA MINING PLC is the first party that has invested heavily in manganese mining in Turkey. With seven mines of high-grade manganese ore and in-house expertise in mining, refining and trading, the company strives to be the number one experts in the mining of manganese in Turkey. Tony van Westerhoven, CEO, MARMARA MINING PLC commented: "The ultimate objective of Marmara Mining Group is to become one of the major players in Turkish manganese mining industry with international credibility brought about by financial sources, mining resources and technical expertise. The group is targeting to be a major player by controlling 25% and 60% of manganese ore production & sales in Turkey in the first and second year respectively."

    Net proceeds accruing to the company from the Placing are primarily earmarked for the  strong growth in TURKEY , and in particular for the solid financing of the operative business in TURKEY as mentioned in task description in the  Businessplan of MARMARA MINING PLC. The MARMARA MINING PLC flotation is being led by DS PRTVATE EQUITY AG as global coordinator to the FINANCIEL MARKETS. The FACT SHEET for the PRIVATE PLACEMENT may be downloaded at and a printed version is also available from MARMARA INVESTMENT LTD.


    "This press release constitutes an advertisement and does not represent an offer to sell or an invitation to buy shares. The offer is made exclusively through and on the basis of the FACT SHEET relating to the possible offering of shares in MARMARA MINING  PLC, published on the Internet at and will be available free of charge from MARMARA MINING PLC. This press release and the information contained therein may not be transmitted to or distributed within the United States of America ("USA") and must not be distributed or forwarded to "U.S. persons" (as defined in Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1993, as amended ("Securities Act"), or to publications with a general circulation in the USA. This press release does not constitute an offering or an invitation to purchase shares in the USA. Shares in MARMARA MINING PLC may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an exemption from registration under the Securities Act. in MARMARA MINING PLC does not intend to make a public offer of Shares in the United States. In addition, this document is not for general publication, release or distribution in the United Kingdom and may only be distributed in the United Kingdom to persons who (i) are investment professionals falling within article 19 (5) of the U.K. Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005, in its current version ("the Order"), or (ii) are high net worth entities or other persons to whom it may lawfully be communicated falling within article 49 (2) (a) to (d) of the Order who are also qualified investors within the meaning of article 2(1)(e) of the Prospectus Directive (2003/71/EC) (all such persons will be termed "Relevant Persons" below). Anyone who is not a Relevant Person may not act on the basis of this press release or its contents. Any investment or investment activity to which this press release refers is only available to Relevant Persons and is only carried out with Relevant Persons."

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