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Botaneco Receives Natural Ingredient Approval From ECOCERT(R) for Hydresia(TM) G2

    Calgary, Canada (ots/PRNewswire) -

    - Hydresia(TM) G2 Approved by leading European Authority on Natural  Organic Certification

    TSX symbol: SBS

    Botaneco Specialty Ingredients Inc. (Botaneco), a subsidiary of SemBioSys Genetics Inc. (SemBioSys), today announced that its second generation oleosome product, Hydresia(TM) G2, has been authorized by ECOCERT(R) as an approved raw material, complying with the standards for  ecological and organic cosmetics. ECOCERT(R) is one of the largest organic  control and certification organizations in the world and conducts  inspections in over 80 countries. The company's primary focus is food and  food products, cosmetics, detergents, perfumes, and textiles.

    "Botaneco is dedicated to manufacturing its all-natural products to  comply with the highest natural production standards while eliminating the  use of chemicals and synthetics," said Andrew Baum, president and CEO of  Botaneco's parent company, SemBioSys. "The ECOCERT(R) authorization  validates our product and production process with the most internationally  recognized symbol for natural and organic raw materials."

    Hydresia(TM) G2 is a cold-process emulsifying system comprised of  oleosomes, naturally occurring oil reservoirs derived from safflower seeds.  Oleosomes are nature's warehouse, or storage facility, for the emollient  oils, antioxidants and natural moisture barriers that serve to keep the  skin soft, supple and young looking. Using a proprietary non-solvent  aqueous extraction process, these oleosomes are isolated from the seed  fully intact, and when used in skin care applications can provide lasting  protection to the skin. Hydresia(TM) G2 is a natural, renewable replacement  for hydrocarbon derived petrolatum, mineral oil and non-ionic surfactants.

    About Botaneco Specialty Ingredients Inc.

    Botaneco is the global developer and marketer of innovative oleosome- based ingredients to the personal care and OTC topical markets. As a  technologically driven provider of high performance, proprietary oleosome- based ingredients, Botaneco is committed to developing innovative  ingredients that offer multifunctional, tangible and documented benefits to  both formulators and consumers. Botaneco's head office and manufacturing  facility is located in Calgary, Canada and its satellite office in Bensalem , PA. More information is available and can be accessed at

    About SemBioSys Genetics Inc.

    With headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, SemBioSys Genetics Inc. is a  biotechnology company developing protein-based pharmaceuticals for  metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. The Company's lead pharmaceutical  candidates are recombinant human insulin to serve the rapidly expanding  global diabetes market and Apo AI, a next generation cardiovascular drug.  In addition to its pharmaceutical products, SemBioSys is developing a  series of non-pharmaceutical products addressing animal and aquaculture  health, nutritional oils and human topical markets. More information is  available and can be accessed at

    About ECOCERT(R)

    ECOCERT(R) is a control and certification organization, whose activities are governed accordingly by the public authorities and legislation. Based in Europe, ECOCERT(R) conducts inspections in over 80  countries and is accredited for structure and procedures by COFRAC (French  committee for accreditation), in accordance with guide standard ISO 65 (EN  45011), which requires independence, competence and impartiality.

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    For further information: Botaneco Specialty Ingredients Inc., Andrew  Baum, President and Chief Executive Officer, Phone: +1-(403)-717-8767, E-mail:

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For further information: Botaneco Specialty Ingredients Inc., Andrew
Baum, President and Chief Executive Officer, Phone:
+1-(403)-717-8767, E-mail:

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