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24.09.2008 – 17:20

CVET Power Corp.

CVET POWER CORP. Comments on the Increased Need and Applicability of CVET Technology to Provide Highway Mileage Under City Driving Conditions

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CVET POWER CORP.'s Tom Garay, Vice
President of Strategic Marketing explains the application and 
benefits of Continuously Variable Electronic Transmission (CVET) 
technology to the new, more efficient gasoline and hybrid powered 
vehicles.      When asked about the application of CVET technology to
modern vehicle powertrains, Mr. Garay explained that "CVET POWER 
CORP. has received many questions regarding CVET technology's 
capability to provide highway mileage under city driving conditions 
and how this benefits today's more efficient gasoline and hybrid 
vehicles."      He added that "To provide the answers to questions 
about the benefits of CVET technology in today's advanced and 
efficient vehicle powertrains, including hybrid vehicles, we used 
fuel efficiency studies from the internationally recognized 'Consumer
Reports' as our reference." (
new-cars/resource-center/fuel-economy /epa-mileage-figures/fuel-econo
my-results/0709_mpg_fer.htm?loginMethod=auto)      Mr. Garay pointed 
out that Consumer Reports published that in comparison to highway 
driving, fuel efficiency in city driving conditions for gasoline 
powered vehicles is on the average 50% less than on the highway and 
35% less for hybrid vehicles." He further explained that "It is this 
big difference between the higher fuel consumption in city driving as
compared to highway driving that can make CVET technology so 
beneficial for gasoline powered, hybrid, fuel cell and electric 
powered vehicles." He continued "CVET technology can increase city 
driving mileage to that of highway driving."      Mr. Garay 
emphasized that CVET technology can bring real economic advantage to 
the consumer, saying that "If I were to drive a car in the city 
equipped with CVET technology, pumping $1's worth of gasoline would 
give me $2's worth and if I were to drive a hybrid vehicle, pumping 
$1's worth of gasoline, would give me over $1.30's worth; CVET 
technology could put significant cash in mine and every driver's 
CVET POWER CORP. is commercializing revolutionary new and patented
technology for Continuously Variable Electronic Transmission (CVET) 
with benefits that have the potential to redefine the transportation 
industry. CVET has broad application in the vast field of 
transportation and may be used with conventional internal combustion 
engine, hybrid, fuel cell and electric powered vehicles.
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industry and market conditions, availability of qualified personnel, 
and reliance on industry partners. CVET POWER CORP. undertakes no 
obligation to update any forward-looking statement to reflect events 
or circumstances after the date on which such statement is made, or 
to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.
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Further inquiry note:

Tom Garay, Vice President of Strategic Marketing, CVET POWER CORP., 1271 Denison
Street, Markham, Ontario, (905) 470-2900 ext. 105

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