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uemis DiveWorld: Now Online - The International Diving Web Portal With Novel Features

uemis DiveWorld: Now Online - The International Diving Web Portal With Novel Features
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uemis DiveWorld is now online. The web portal for
all divers and those interested in diving. The site is brimming with
valuable tips, state-of-the-art technical information and offers easy
navigation. The first and only platform for divers, this website
links and visualizes all information with geographical coordinates
thanks to geotagging. Thus divers will immediately find what they are
looking for.
The world map on can be zoomed which makes for easy
minimizing or maximizing of geographic locations. Sections are either
shown as graphical maps, satellite pictures or as a hybrid of both.
Divers can define their search by checking or unchecking icons, i.e.
a cave, or a ship wreck but also a hotel, a museum, or a bank near
their diving site. Never before was it this easy to find detailed
diving information and arrange it all in a clear layout.
However, uemis DiveWorld is more - it also serves as a community
platform which depends on its members. Registered users of
myDiveWorld can search for other divers in their region, upload
photos and videos to their gallery, add posts to forums and comments
to blogs. All this is possible in 5 languages; German, English,
Spanish, French, and Italian. We want to create an international
community of divers who share their knowledge and tips.
The online magazine will feature intelligent reports and expert
articles. Over time this will create a knowledge base about the
underwater world. Members of uemis DiveWorld can write their own
articles and submit them to the editors for evaluation. Thus everyone
can be part of the growing information of this unique diving portal.
Dive into
Photo material is available for download at . Use access code "uemis" /


For more information please contact the press center of uemis
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