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Turnover and sales increased. Earnings down on prior year. Restructuring program well advanced. Markets still challenging. EBITDA increase to approx. EUR200 million expected in 2013.

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Financial Figures/Balance Sheet

Duisburg (euro adhoc) - -       Turnover up 6.1% to 7.1 million tons and sales
up 4.1% to EUR7.4 billion through growth in USA 

-       EBITDA at EUR139 million (incl. restructuring expenditure: EUR62
million), compared with EUR227 million (incl. restructuring expenditure: EUR217
million) in prior year
-       Restructuring progress ahead of plan and to be completed by mid-year;
activities in Eastern Europe sold 
-       Net loss EUR83 million before restructuring and impairments (EUR- 198
million after), compared with EUR20 million net income in prior year (EUR10
million after)
-       Positive free cash flow of EUR67 million; net financial debt cut from
EUR471 million to EUR422 million
-       Earnings per share EUR- 1.95 compared with EUR0.14 in prior year
-       EBITDA expected to increase in 2013 due to contributions from
restructuring to approx. EUR200 million with stable turnover and sales, further
positive free cash flow and positive net income

All figures relate to fiscal year 2012 relative to the prior year.

Duisburg, March 6, 2013 - Turnover and sales increased significantly in the
fiscal year, largely due to the acquisition of Macsteel Service Centers USA and
strong organic growth in the USA.
Operating income (EBITDA) before restructuring expenditure, at EUR139 million,
was nonetheless substantially down on the prior-year level (EUR227 million),
mainly as a result of the further steep fall in demand in Europe and ongoing
price pressure on steel products from the second quarter. 
Gisbert Rühl, Chairman of the Management Board of Klöckner & Co SE: "We
responded in a timely fashion to yet another steep drop in steel demand in
Europe by significantly stepping up our restructuring program. More than
two-thirds of the measures are already implemented, so we can start into the new
year with a tailwind despite the ongoing challenges in the market environment."

Turnover and sales increased, earnings significantly down on prior year
Klöckner & Co increased turnover in fiscal 2012, largely as a result of
acquisitions, to 7.1 million tons, an increase of 6.1% on the prior year (6.7
million tons). 
Turnover in the Europe segment was  6.5% down on the prior year due to the
increasing economic slowdown and the ongoing process of discontinuing
low-profitability activities, while the market as a whole contracted even
further by 9%.
In the Americas segment, by contrast, turnover increased relative to the prior
year by 30.8%, driven by the Macsteel acquisition and above-average organic
growth. Adjusted for the Macsteel acquisition, turnover went up by 4.9%,
significantly outperforming the market (1.3%) and the prior year. 
Group sales in the fiscal year came to approximately EUR7.4 billion, up 4.1% on
the prior year. The gross profit margin, at 17.4%, was 1.1 percentage points
down on the prior year due to ongoing price pressure. The prior-year figure was
almost matched in the fourth quarter, however, at 18.3%. EBITDA before
restructuring expenditure consequently fell by 39% from EUR227 million in 2011
to EUR139 million. Fourth-quarter EBITDA before restructuring, at EUR22 million,
was in line with guidance and nearly on a par with the EUR24 million recorded
for the prior-year quarter. The Group's EUR 198 million net loss (2011: EUR10
million net income) included EUR77 million in restructuring expenditure and
EUR55 million in impairments. Without special items, the net loss came to EUR 83
million. Basic earnings per share stood at EUR- 1.95, compared with EUR0.14 in
the prior year.

Very solid equity base retained
Total assets decreased, mainly through improved net working capital management,
by 17% to EUR3.9 billion. The equity ratio thus went up from 39% to 42% despite
the large net loss.
The positive free cash flow allowed net financial debt to be cut by EUR 49
million year on year to EUR422 million. Gearing (debt to equity) was stabilized
at a low level of 28%. Cash and cash equivalents, at EUR610 million, remained at
a high level despite repayment of the convertible bond that matured in July.

Restructuring progress ahead of plan
In fall 2012, Klöckner & Co once again considerably stepped up the restructuring
program first launched in September 2011 in light of a further steep drop in
steel demand in Europe and the uncertain outlook. The restructuring progress is
ahead of plan.
Alongside cuts in administration and sales overheads, the restructuring measures
focus on closing unprofitable branches and discontinuing insufficiently
profitable business activities. In the process, 40 locations have already been
cut and the workforce has been reduced by more than 1,200 since September 2011.
The announced withdrawal from Eastern Europe is also largely completed.
The Group-wide restructuring and optimization program has contributed 
EUR51 million to EBITDA since it started in September 2011, EUR46 million of
this in fiscal 2012. Restructuring costs for measures still pending are already
included in the 2012 annual financial statements, so no noteworthy negative
impacts on income will result in 2013.
Overall, Klöckner & Co expects the restructuring measures to contribute an extra
EUR60 million to EBITDA in the current fiscal year and another EUR40 million in
2014. As a result, the number of employees will be reduced in total by more than
1,800 or 16% and the number of sites from 290 to about 230.
For 2013, Klöckner & Co expects that turnover and sales will remain at around
the previous year's level due to additional growth in the US and despite the
relinquishment of turnover volumes in Europe through the restructuring. The
heightened presence in the USA based on the Macsteel acquisition coupled with
organic growth perspectives will lead to another shift in sales share from
Europe to the Americas, with significantly more than 40% of turnover already to
be generated in the Americas segment in 2013.
For operating income (EBITDA), Klöckner & Co anticipates a significant increase
from EUR139 million in the past fiscal year (before restructuring expenses) to
approximately EUR200 million, mainly due to the EUR60 million earnings
contribution this year as an effect of the Group-wide restructuring program.
Driven by the operating performance, the Group also expects to generate net
income and again a positive cash flow in 2013.
Gisbert Rühl: "With the three directions of thrust comprising growth in the USA,
stabilization of profitable and restructuring of the remaining activities in
Europe, we have adapted our strategy to the current challenges. As a result,
despite the ongoing difficult environment, we are well equipped to increase our
earnings power and to continue growing in the USA."

Stake building of Knauf Interfer Holding GmbH 
A meeting was held last Friday between Klöckner & Co and the new shareholder,
Interfer Holding GmbH. Interfer Holding, a portfolio company of the Dr. Albrecht
Knauf family, is also 100% owner of the Knauf Interfer Group, which likewise
operates in the steel sector. Interfer Holding operates independently of the
Knauf Gips Group. The meeting took place in a favorable atmosphere. Interfer
Holding confirmed its strategic and long-term interest as well as its
constructive stance. It firmly believes that Klöckner & Co is an attractive
investment and supports the Klöckner & Co Management Board's strategy of
expanding activities in the USA in parallel with systematic restructuring in
European markets. The restructuring is seen as a key prerequisite to generating
sustained value in Europe. A contribution of Knauf Interfer or any other link-up
with Klöckner & Co was not a topic of the meeting. No further meetings are
currently planned.

Further inquiry note:
Dr. Thilo Theilen
Leiter Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
Telefon: +49 (0)203 307 2050
E-Mail: thilo.theilen@kloeckner.com

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