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Sales volumes, sales and operating income (EBITDA) increased with support from acquisitions but developments marked by increasing uncertainty and economic slowdown. Outlook of more than 25% sales and sales volume growth ...

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quarterly report

Duisburg (euro adhoc) - •       Sales volumes increased mainly as a result of
acquisitions by 25.8% to 5.0 million tons (Q3: 1.8 million tons, compared with
1.4 million tons in Q3 2010) 

•       Sales 38.6% up to some EUR5.4 billion (Q3: EUR1.9 billion, compared with
EUR1.4 billion in Q3 2010)
•       Operating income (EBITDA) improved from EUR190 million in prior year to
EUR203 million (Q3 EBITDA: EUR37 million, significantly below Q3 2010 figure of
EUR61 million)
•       Net income down from EUR63 million in prior year to EUR38 million,
largely due to higher depreciation and amortization as a result of acquisitions,
higher financing charges and higher taxes (Q3: EUR- 12 million; compared with
EUR15 million in Q3 2010)
•       Earnings per share EUR0.47, compared with EUR0.92 in the prior-year

All figures relate to the first nine months of 2011 relative to the same period
of the prior year 

Duisburg, November 9, 2011: The business situation throughout the year and
especially in the third quarter has been visibly affected by the economic
slowdown. While cumulative operating income (EBITDA), at EUR203 million, is up
on the prior-year period, the earnings trend is unsatisfactory and remains
negative. After EUR104 million in the first and EUR62 million in the second
quarter, operating income (EBITDA) fell in the third quarter to EUR37 million.
The drop in operating income partly reflected the customary seasonal softening
of demand in the summer months, but partly also the economic slowdown which
hasn't resulted in the usual end-of-summer recovery. In addition, producers
generally failed in their attempts to stabilize prices, and this put a squeeze
on margins. Customers were accordingly more cautious whereby margins came
increasingly under pressure.

Gisbert Rühl, Chairman of the Management Board of Klöckner & Co SE: "As
expected, we are moving into increasingly choppy economic waters. Risks are
increasing, customers are being cautious. That clearly shows through in our
earnings performance."

Robust sales volume and sales growth, unsatisfactory earnings trend
Klöckner & Co increased sales volumes by 25.8% from 4.0 million tons in the
prior-year period to 5.0 million tons in the first nine months of 2011. Sales
volumes gained 8.5% in Europe and 90.5% in the Americas segment compared with
the prior-year figures. Adjusted for the business acquisitions in 2010 and 2011,
sales volumes were up 16.9% on the prior-year period in the Americas segment and
3.2% in the Europe segment, while adjusted sales volumes for the Group as a
whole rose by 6.5%. The third quarter saw only slight organic growth in sales
volumes relative to the prior-year period - kept up solely by growth in the USA,
while sales volumes in Europe already showed a slight decrease.
Despite a falling price trend, average selling prices were above the prior-year
level, as a result of which sales grew more strongly than sales volumes,
increasing by 38.6% from EUR3.9 billion to EUR5.4 billion. Excluding the effects
of the acquisitions, sales increased by 20.7%, likewise with a decreasing trend
in the third quarter, when sales growth was down to 10.9%.
The gross profit margin fell continuously through the year. At 18.8%, the figure
for the first nine months was significantly down on the 22.3% prior-year level
in line with the economic and price situation; the third quarter saw the margin
fall to its lowest level for the year at 16.8%. It became ever harder to keep
margins up at adequate levels in the market as increasingly fierce competition
chased shrinking market volumes compounded by a backdrop of sinking prices.
Operating income (EBITDA) increased - mainly as a result of the good business
situation in the first quarter of 2011 - from EUR190 million in the first nine
months of 2010 to EUR203 million in the first nine months of 2011 (an increase
of 6.8%). The consolidation of Macsteel Service Centers USA (MSCUSA) contributed
to this increase. EBITDA is on a pronounced downward trend, however, decreasing
from EUR104 million in the first quarter to EUR62 million in the second and only
EUR37 million in the third. 
EBIT came to EUR129 million in the first nine months, about on a par with the
prior-year period figure of EUR127 million. Higher finance expenses as a result
of a rise in debt meant that Group earnings before taxes, at EUR66 million, was
down on the EUR79 million figure for the prior-year period. Net income decreased
to EUR38 million due to a higher tax burden (2010: EUR63 million). Basic
earnings per share consequently stood at EUR0.47, compared with EUR0.92 in the
prior-year period.
Total assets increased mainly as a result of the acquisitions and also due to
the rights issue by 41.8% to EUR4,950 million. With an equity ratio of 37%,
Klöckner & Co has a sound financial position with a balanced and long-term
maturities profile in non-current liabilities. 

Profitability action plan
After signs of the economic slowdown accelerated over the course of the third
quarter, Klöckner & Co immediately initiated a comprehensive action plan.
Alongside cuts in administration costs and overheads, the plan centers on
structural changes in the country organizations, including the discontinuation
of insufficiently profitable business activities. The plan is expected to
deliver an annual contribution to operating income in the mid double-digit
millions of euros. The total one-off costs required to achieve this is expected
to be in the low double-digit millions of euros and will be financed in full out
of disposal proceeds. While potentially discontinuing business activities, the
company is holding to its "Klöckner & Co 2020" growth strategy.

For fiscal 2011, despite softening demand, Klöckner & Co continues to anticipate
year-on-year growth of more than 25% in sales volumes and more than 35% in
sales, largely thanks to the contributions made by the acquisitions.
Given the weak demand trend and the sustained price pressure, the Company
projects that fourth-quarter operating income (EBITDA) will be down on the third
quarter. Restructuring costs in the low double-digit millions of euros will have
an additional impact on income.
For 2012, Klöckner & Co currently expects rising demand for steel in North and
South America and at best stable demand for steel in Europe, with risks due to
the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone remaining high. In light of this, the
6% long-term EBITDA margin target will not yet be attained in the next year. The
initial restructuring measures will, however, contribute to achieving this
target as soon as possible thereafter.

Gisbert Rühl: "We confirm our outlook of over 25% sales volume growth and more
than 35% sales growth this year. It will not be possible to stop the earnings
trend, however, and we expect a further decrease in EBITDA in the fourth
quarter. We are nonetheless well equipped to carry ourselves through a
potentially sustained lean period and in the process to carve out options for
further growth."

Further inquiry note:
Dr. Thilo Theilen
Leiter Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
Telefon: +49 (0)203 307 2050
E-Mail: thilo.theilen@kloeckner.de

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