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New protection from ultraviolet and heat rays: coldblack® - double sun protection for all textiles and colors

    Sevelen SG (ots) - All outdoor sports activities are so much more fun in good weather. Unfortunately, too much sun can lead to a reduction in wellbeing, performance and even physical health; which is why Schoeller Technologies AG and Clariant International Ltd. introduced the new coldblack® finishing technology at the European OutDoor Fair in Friedrichshafen.

    Noticeably cooler with coldblack® heat management

    Light-colored fabrics reflect both visible and invisible rays of sunlight. This means that both light and heat are radiated back. In contrast, dark fabrics absorb both types of radiation and therefore absorb heat. coldblack® actively influences the heat management of textiles and provides reliable protection from damaging UV radiation.

    Textiles finished with the new technology absorb less heat, which means that dark colors heat up less. In addition, such textiles offer UV protection (UPF) of a minimum of 30. As the new finish can significantly reduce the heat absorption of textiles in direct sunlight, garments made with coldblack® allow you to feel fresher and improve the wearer's performance. The outdoor market is one of the key markets for the new textile technology and development partner Mammut showed the first garments with coldblack® in Friedrichshafen. These products will be in the shops in the spring/summer collection 2009. The coldblack® finishing process does not alter the feel or look of the base material and is permanent. As the double sun protection will prove to be of benefit in other markets, such as tennis, golf, motorcycling or fashion and business wear, more product developments are already in the pipelines.

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