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annual result

Vienna/Frankfurt (euro adhoc) - • Operating income: EUR 66.5 million (2009: EUR 37.7 million, +76%) • Operating profit: EUR 9.6 million (2009: EUR 2.6 million, +270%) • Profit before taxes: EUR 16.1 million (2009: EUR 4.1 million, +298%) • Net profit: EUR 15.3 million (2009: EUR 5.7 million, +168%) • Group earnings per share: EUR 3.50 (2009: EUR 1.31, +168%)

Financial year 2010 was a peak year for C-QUADRAT Investment AG, with the company achieving a sudden increase in revenues and profits. Several factors were decisive for this good development: As also in previous years, C-QUADRAT funds stood out through their excellent performance in 2010 with significant performance fees being generated, as was already reported in January 2011. This had a very positive impact on sales of C-QUADRAT funds across Europe, leading to strong inflows and increases in management fees.

The main drivers of profit growth

In the past financial year, the C-QUADRAT Group generated with EUR 66.5 million a 76% increase in total operating income as compared to 2009. The 3 main drivers of this revenue growth were: the increase in commission earnings from performance-related "performance fees", from EUR 7.6 million in 2009 to EUR 22.9 million (+201%); the increase in management fees to EUR 35.8 million (2009: EUR 22.9 million, +56%); and the increase in results from associated companies to EUR 6.4 million (2009: EUR 2.2 million, +196%).

Net profit at record level

The C-QUADRAT Group´s operating profit increased to EUR 9.6 million (2009: EUR 2.6 million, +270%). With profit before taxes at EUR 16.1 million (2009: EUR 4.1 million, +298%) and net profit at EUR 15.3 million (2009: EUR 5.7 million, +168%), the C-QUADRAT Group was able to end financial year 2010 quite satisfactorily.

Earnings per share and proposed appropriation of profit

Consolidated earnings per share improved by 168%, from EUR 1.31 in 2009 to EUR 3.50. At the company's Annual General Meeting on May 27, 2011, the Executive and Supervisory Boards will propose - based on the EUR 9.7 million net profit of C-QUADRAT Investment AG's financial statement - to pay out as a dividend to shareholders the amount of EUR 2.21 per share (previous year: EUR 0.60, +268%). The dividend yield in relation to the closing price on March 25, 2011 and to the current dividend proposal of EUR 2.21 per share is 8.50%.

C-QUADRAT´s chairman and founder Alexander Schütz says of these results: "In 2010 we achieved peak revenues and earnings. These strong figures reflect C-QUADRAT's growing momentum. Due to their excellent performance, C-QUADRAT Funds have been awarded many prizes, which have helped significantly boost the fund's volume. Just a few weeks ago, C-QUADRAT was awarded the Fund Boutique of the Year prize in Germany. C-QUADRAT is now much better positioned than it was before the financial crisis and well primed for the future."

The consolidated financial statements and the standalone financial statements of C-QUADRAT Investment AG are available now for download, in german language, at www.c-quadrat.at.

The C-QUADRAT funds prospectuses are available at www.c-quadrat.at. Information about past investment performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance of an investment fund.

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Mag. Andreas Wimmer
C-QUADRAT Investment AG
Stubenring 2
A-1010 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 515 66 316
Mail: a.wimmer@investmentfonds.at

Branche: Financial & Business Services
ISIN: AT0000613005
Index: Standard Market Auction
Börsen: Frankfurt / official market
Wien / official market

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