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04.10.2012 – 14:40

Saxo Bank (Switzerland) SA

Saxo Bank Launches CFDs on Government Bonds

Hellerup, Denmark (ots/PRNewswire)

Saxo Bank, the online multi-asset trading and investment specialist, today has added CFDs on Government Bonds to the existing range of asset classes available to trade. The new products are available on SaxoTrader [http://www.saxobank.com/en/trading-platform s/pages/trader-download.aspx ], SaxoWebTrader [http://www.saxobank.co m/en/trading-platforms/pages/internet-trading.aspx ], SmartMobileTrader and the SaxoTrader App and they include; French OAT (10y), Italian BTP (10y), German Bund (10y), German Bobl (5y) and German Schatz (2yr).

The new offering will enable retail clients to invest directly in European debt with favorable terms compared to those offered on the futures markets. These terms include much lower margin requirements lower minimum trade sizes and tick values as well as no financing costs, exchange fees or minimum commissions. CFDs on Government Bonds also create the conditions for retail investors to trade the underlying asset with much better control of their exposure to risk margin.

Didier Abbato, Product Manager, Multi-Asset CFDs and Cash Products, Saxo Bank commented:

"Bond CFDs provide a cost-efficient way for experienced investors to trade on the political risk and uncertainty in the Eurozone that have overshadowed financial markets. These products have previously only been available for institutions to trade. By adding this asset class to our platform retail investors can now access a desirable product that has until now been unavailable to them."

CFDs on Government Bonds will be available from this week to clients of Saxo Bank A/S, Saxo Banque and Saxo Capital Markets UK. Switzerland and all White Label clients will be able to offer CFDs on Government Bonds to their clients from 1 November, 2012.

About Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank is a leading online trading and investment specialist, offering private investors and institutional clients a complete set of tools for their trading and investment strategies. A fully licensed and regulated European bank, Saxo Bank enables clients to trade FX, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures, Options and other derivatives via three specialised and fully integrated multi-asset trading platforms; the browser-based SaxoWebTrader, the downloadable SaxoTrader and the SaxoMobileTrader application. The platforms are available in over 20 languages and are white-labelled by more than 100 major financial institutions worldwide. Saxo Bank also offers professional portfolio and fund management as well as traditional banking services through Saxo Privatbank. Founded in 1992, the Saxo Bank Group is headquartered in Copenhagen with 25 local offices throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Australia.


Media enquiries: Kasper Elbjørn, Head of Group Public Relations,
Saxo Bank, +45-3065-4300, press@saxobank.com ; MHP Communications,
+44(0)203-128-8560, saxobank@mhpc.com

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