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Badawi Urges All Malaysians to Vote in Saturday's Election: 'It Is Your Choice for Our Nation's Future'

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (ots/PRNewswire) -

    - Malaysian Prime Minister calls for free and fair elections

    Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi today urged all Malaysians to make their choice and their voice count by voting in the country's general election on Saturday, March 8.

    "These elections will be free and fair, and every voter has an important role and an important choice," Prime Minister Badawi said Thursday. "Every vote counts; and everyone's voice will be heard. The future of our country is in your hands."

    The Prime Minister said voters can determine the future security, opportunity and prosperity of the country.

    "The choice before the Malaysian people is between proven leadership on the economy, stability and greater prosperity for all or a leap in the dark with an untried, untested Opposition. The Opposition is prepared to make any promise, give any commitment, tell every audience what they think they want to hear, just to gain a few more votes at this election," Mr. Badawi said.

    "Their approach is not about leading Malaysia, but about misleading Malaysia," the Prime Minister said. "I do not believe the people of our country will be deceived by their empty promises."

    Over the past two weeks, candidates have offered their views and their promises to voters.

    "The choice belongs to the voters, and Saturday will be decision day for the people of Malaysia," Mr. Badawi said. "Now is the time to make your choice for the future of your family and the future our country."

    The 12th General Election since Malaysia's independence in 1957 involves election contests for 222 seats in Parliament and 504 seats in state governments, with a total of 1,588 candidates from more than 20 parties, including 103 independents.

    The election is being overseen by the independent Malaysian Election Commission. The Commission has introduced the use of transparent ballot boxes for the first time in a Malaysian election. Full electoral rolls have been made available in order to check and verify the names of all registered voters to avoid electoral fraud. The independent Election Commission has also vetted the electoral roll to ensure no vote rigging can take place. Candidates appoint an agent to act for them at every polling station. The agent's duties include making sure the ballot boxes have not been tampered with and the counting of votes is fair and accurate. When voting is over, the ballots are counted by a presiding officer at the polling station or a specified counting place with the agents present. The results are then sent to a vote tallying center.

    "Malaysia will have free and fair elections," Mr. Badawi said. "Look at the campaigning taking place in every town and village in all parts of the country. Malaysia is a robust multi-ethnic, multi-party democracy and Saturday's elections will show that reality to the world."

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