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Badawi: 'Malaysia Is One Nation'

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (ots/PRNewswire) -

    - Prime Minister Badawi warns against those who would seek to divide Malaysia along racial and religious lines

    On Saturday, Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, campaigning in Terengganu, warned voters to resist those trying to sow division and disunity in the country by splitting Malaysians along racial and religious lines.

    "We solve problems through unity and friendship. Malaysia is one nation with one people. Our strength lies in our unity and is drawn from our determination to involve Malaysians from all religious and ethnic backgrounds in the progress and prosperity of our nation," Prime Minister Badawi said.

    "Those who wish to encourage division in this election, for their own narrow gain, are playing a dangerous political game," he added.

    "Our economy, security, prosperity, society and democracy will all suffer if we allow politics to divide us as a people, and as a nation, one from another.

    "I urge all Malaysians to resist those trying to use these elections to sow fear, division and disunity amongst our people by splitting our country along racial and religions lines. There is no doubt those who believe they can gain politically from such divisions will use any means possible, every available opportunity, to try to drive a wedge between us. I believe Malaysians will not fall for their divisive campaigns," Mr. Badawi said.

    "Let us celebrate our diversity as a nation and embrace the unity between all religions and all ethnic groups which marks Malaysia out as a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-party democracy. And let us keep moving forward together," said Mr. Badawi.

@@start.t1@@      In contrast to those who seek division, Mr. Badawi's government has
sought to achieve greater unity across Malaysia including:
      -- Guaranteeing the right to worship for all Malaysians;
      -- Establishing guidelines to ensure that land is reserved for places of
          worship for all communities in newly developed areas;
      -- Encouraging inter-faith understanding through forums such as the
          National Unity Advisory Panel;
      -- Promoting inter-ethnic unity through the School Integration Programme
          and National Service Training Programme.@@end@@

    The governing coalition, (Barisan Nasional), which Mr. Badawi leads, is committed in its election manifesto to "enhance appreciation for diverse cultures among Malaysia's multi-ethnic people" as well as increasing dialogue on inter-faith issues. The manifesto also includes commitments to build a better understanding of Islam between Muslims and non-Muslims, expand the teaching of Mandarin and Tamil in the national schools and increase ethnic diversity in the public sector.

    Mr. Badawi is back campaigning in his home state of Penang today after a two-day stop in the East Coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu. He is scheduled to attend a dinner with the Indian community later tonight.

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