Euro08: Sleep-in - Overnight Accommodations for Soccer Fans with Soccer Fans

    Hersberg (ots) -

    - The websites or
        have more than 7,500 beds in store for fans from qualifying
    - These overnight accommodations are provided by more than 1,700
        households in Switzerland and Austria, who are eager to
        celebrate Europe's huge soccer party with fans from other

    Sleep-in, the complimentary Internet platform for private Euro08-hosts and their guests, was established over a year ago by Roberto Greuter and Patrick Tschan, both residents of the City of Basel. Since then, Swiss and Austrian citizens have been showing the world their most hospitable side: during the Euro08 they will be opening their private residences and homes to fans from qualified countries. Fans are offered guest rooms, entire apartments or camping facilities in gardens - all free of charge, at moderate prices or in exchange for specialties from the visitors' home countries (e.g. salami from Italy, vodka from Russia, ham from Spain, etc.).

    Fans from the qualified nations have already discovered the websites: the Dutch, for instance, are seeking accommodations in Bern, the Germans are responding to the classifieds posted by Vienna residents and the Italians are booking private residences in Zurich.

    However, even soccer enthusiasts from Japan, England and South America are making plans to travel to Switzerland and Austria. Many of them are placing ads themselves - as potential guests.

    Sleep-in works on the principle of self accountability. Hosts and guests directly negotiate all the details, being true to the motto: the market, the fan respectively, takes care of it all.

    However, one rule applies to everybody involved: fair play, folks.

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