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TAT Cascades Licensed by Motorola

    Malmoe, Sweden (ots/PRNewswire) - TAT today announced that Motorola has signed an agreement to license the  TAT Cascades user interface framework for use on select mobile devices.

    TAT Cascades is a UI technology that enables the creation of a variety of application UIs with less effort and reduced lead times, and that allows for easy customisation of the UIs, tailored for different market target segments or device types.

    "The user interface has become one of the most critical and strategic differentiators in the mobile industry," said Charlotta Falvin, CEO of TAT. "The ability to create attractive and customisable user interfaces with limited efforts will be of great importance to maintain competitiveness in the mobile space going forward. Motorola clearly recognizes this."

    "We are happy to see Motorola among our licensees for this product and very proud of the confidence they have demonstrated in our abilities in the user interface technology field," said Falvin.

    "Motorola is committed to enabling great mobile device experiences for our users and the user interface plays an important role in making that happen," said Elizabeth J. Altman, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Motorola. "TAT Cascades offers flexibility across form factors and input methods and enables rich visual effects - we look forward to leveraging it as one of our UI framework solutions for future products."

    About TAT

    TAT - The Astonishing Tribe AB has added the WOW-effect to mobile user interfaces for more than 150 million devices worldwide. Our products, TAT Cascades and TAT Motion Lab, built on the renowned TAT Kastor platform, have transformed the way UI design and graphics can be implemented on a wide range of mobile devices. TAT products are recognized for their time-to-market savings, resource efficiency and platform independence, giving users a more dynamic, faster and richer multimedia experience, in a truly astonishing way.

    TAT is headquartered in Malmoe, Sweden, and with local presence in Korea, Taiwan, USA, and Japan. Learn more at http://www.tat.se.

      Media Contacts
      Charlotta Falvin
      TAT CEO
      Nicklas Rosendal
      Schwartz Communications

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