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22.11.2007 – 03:03


Bangladesh Cries for our Help

Toronto, November 22 (ots/PRNewswire)

"CBM urgently needs help for the most vulnerable people affected
by  the recent flooding in Bangladesh," says Prof. Allen Foster
President of CBM.
The latest report says the death toll in the fiercest cyclone to
hit Bangladesh's southern and southwestern coastal area in over 130
years has climbed to over 2,300.
"Our staff and partners on the ground are reporting that many
people with disabilities living in poverty are really suffering from
this latest  disaster. These people desperately need our assistance,"
says Foster.
Relief aid is needed immediately to save these people and their
families from starving. Rehabilitation aid is also required to cover
medical costs and reinstate these people back into normal life.
"It's hard to imagine the feelings of a blind or physically
disabled person as they're caught in the devastation caused by the
cyclone and rising waters," states Foster.
CBM's projects to aid the 23,000 people with disabilities and
their families are located in the five districts of Bangladesh which
were severely affected by the recent devastating cyclone: Barisal,
Bogona, Patuakhali, Satkhira and Jhalukati.
Around 3.1 million people of 880,000 families are now homeless as
the storm shattered their houses made of wood and bamboo.
Most food crops were completely damaged and 242,000 domestic
animals and poultry perished during the cyclone.
Just to add to the devastation, a total of 50 educational
institutions were completely ruined in the storms while 4,046
institutions were partially destroyed.
CBM urgently needs your help to meet the needs of those who are
too challenged to fend for themselves.
CBM is an expert at helping people with disabilities throughout
the developing world.
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contact Lindsay O'Connor, Media Manager, CBM Nibelungenstrabe 124 -
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