MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Capital AG

MPC Capital AG proposes dividend of EUR 3.50

Consolidated net income of EUR 38.6 million for 2007

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Hamburg (euro adhoc) - MPC Capital AG proposes dividend of EUR 3.50

. Dividend payout ratio of 92% confirms shareholder-friendly dividend policy . Sales of EUR 213.7 million 6% short of the record level of 2006 . Consolidated net income of EUR 38.6 million . Outlook for 2008 changed due to increased investment in HCI Capital

Hamburg, February 28, 2008 - As  had  been  expected,  MPC   Münchmeyer  Petersen Capital AG, the  SDAX-listed  wealth  and  asset manager,  fell  short  of  the previous year's record results in fiscal 2007. This was due, on  the  one  hand, to a large number of forward-looking decisions, which will start  to  contribute to profits only in the current fiscal year and, on the  other  hand,  to income from the sale of fund properties generated in the previous   year.  The  approved and ratified consolidated financial statements show sales of EUR 213.7  million, which is 6% below the previous year's EUR 228.4 million. At  EUR  53.1  million, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) were down 29% on the  previous  year's EUR 74.6  million.  Consolidated  net  income  for  the  year  after   minorities declined by 31% from EUR 56.0 million to  EUR  38.6   million,  which  represents earnings per share of EUR 3.64 (2006: EUR 5.28). At  their  joint  meeting,  the Management Board and the Supervisory Board decided  to  propose  to  the  Annual General Meeting on April 22, 2008 to pay out a dividend of EUR  3.50  per   share (2006: EUR 5.00).

As of the balance sheet date, the Group's total assets  amounted  to EUR  306.4 million (2006: EUR 213.4 million).  The  equity  ratio   stood  at  39.1%  (2006: 71.5%). The balance sheet shows EUR 119.7 million in  equity  (2006:  EUR  152.5 million).

Key figures

@@start.t2@@|In TEUR                                         |31.12.2007 |31.12.2006 |+/-    |
|Sales                                            |213,687      |228,366      |-6%    |
|EBIT                                              |53,129        |74,624        |-29%  |
|Net income after minorities         |38,604        |55,993        |-31%  |
|Earnings per share in EUR            |3.64          |5.28          |-31%  |
|Dividend in EUR                            |3.50          |5.00          |-30%  |
|Total assets                                 |306,386      |213,350      |+44%  |
|Equity capital                              |119,694      |152,499      |-22%  |
|Employees (average)                      |311            |249            |+25%  |

The Management Board continues to project a placement volume of EUR 1.1  billion for the current fiscal year (2007: EUR 1,062 million). The planned  increase  in the investment in HCI Capital AG to  35.1%  (previously:  15.1%)  suggests  that consolidated net income for 2008 will amount to EUR 52 million (previously:  EUR 45 million). In conjunction with this  transaction,  MPC  Capital  AG  plans  to increase its capital from 10.6 million shares  to  12.15  million  shares  (from authorised capital), so that earnings per share will increase from EUR  4.25  to EUR 4.28. With  regard  to  the  analysis  of  the  figures  for  fiscal  2007  and  their comparability, the following should be taken into account:@@end@@

1) Decisions for the future In the past fiscal year, the company   focused  on  winning  new  target  groups, refining its organisation and pooling  its  distribution  power  under  the  MPC Capital brand as well as on developing new attractive markets and products.

MPC  Global  Maritime  Opportunities,  the  first  MPC    Capital     product    for institutional investors, was successfully placed in the market in an  amount  of EUR 158 million. Due to its focus on recurring management fees,  the  fund  made no profit contribution in the past fiscal year but  will  significantly  enhance the quality of sales  through  recurring  income  going  forward.  Moreover,  it represents the basis for future offerings to institutional investors.

The entry in the institutional business segment led to  a   modification  of  the distribution structure. Three sales organisations are now grouped under the  MPC Capital brand:  MPC   Capital  Investments  for  closed-end  funds,  MPC  Capital Concepts for  open-ended  capital  investments  such    as    investment     funds, structured products and insurance products as well  as  MPC   Capital  Privatbank for the institutional business and private placements. The three companies  have full operational sales responsibility and an excellent position for  the  future under the MPC Capital brand.

MPC Capital has developed new  investment  concepts  such  as  the   Indian  Real Estate Fund and Real Estate Opportunity Asia. The company's entry in the  market for renewable energy funds (solar farms) and the  financing  of  an  exploration oil drilling rig (MPC Deepsea  Oil  Explorer)  testify  to  the  forward-looking expansion of the asset classes. A major portion of  the  development  costs   was incurred in 2007. This is reflected in the disproportionate increase  in  "Other operating expenses" from  EUR  33.4  million  to EUR  38.6  million.  With  the exception of the Indian fund, all these products  will  be  placed  and,  hence, make a profit contribution in the current fiscal year.

2) Analysis of sales - income from property sales in the previous year In 2006, opportunities arising in the international  real   estate  markets  were exploited to the benefit of its shareholders   by  selling  properties  from  the closed-end fund  portfolios.  The successful  sale  of  assets  (revenues  from winding up funds) made a significant contribution to sales and earnings  in  the previous year, which could not be realised in the same amount  in  fiscal   2007. This is reflected in the structure of MPC Capital AG's sales revenues as of  the balance sheet date.

@@start.t3@@|Sales in TEUR                                    |2007              |2006              |+/-         |
|Sales from initiating projects         |9,011            |13,092          |-3%         |
|Sales from placing equity                 |177,985         |165,136         |+8%         |
|Sales from fund management                |24,534          |21,179          |+16%        |
|Sales from fund liquidation              |2,157            |28,958          |-93%        |
|TOTAL                                                 |213,687         |228,366         |-6%         |@@end@@

*Deviations due to rounding of figures.

3) Analysis of sales - increase in recurring sales Accounting for 59% (2006: 49%) of total sales, ship investments  were  the  most successful product group in fiscal 2007. Real estate funds   contributed  21%  to sales (2006: 30%), while life insurance funds accounted for 10% of  total  sales (2006: 12%). Structured products represented 4% of  sales  (2006:  4%).  Private equity and investment funds contributed 3%,respectively  (2006:  5%),  to  Group sales in 2007.

A positive development was reflected in  the  continued  increase  in recurring sales which rose from 9.3% to 11.5% in the past fiscal year and testify  to  the ongoing evolution of MPC Capital AG. The company plans to expand  the  share  of recurring sales to 20%, so that they would fully cover the Group's fixed  costs.

4) Effects from the investment in HCI  Capital  and  the  financing   of  an  oil drilling rig The dividend of EUR 5.1 million from the 15.1% investment in HCI Capital  AG  is included in "Income from participations". This  income  more  than  offsets  the interest expenses for the debt capital  raised  to  acquire  the  shares  in   an amount of EUR 41.7 million.

In MPC  Capital's  balance  sheet  for  the  period  ended  December 31,  2007, especially  the  investment  in  HCI  Capital  AG  and   the  financing  of    the exploration oil drilling rig, led to a change in the  balance  sheet  structure. At EUR 306.4 million, total assets are up by 44%  on  the  previous  year's  EUR 213.4 and the equity capital of EUR 119.7  million  (2006:  EUR  152.5  million) represents 39.1% (2006: 71.5%) of the company's  total  assets.  In   conjunction with the financing of an exploration oil drilling  rig,   receivables  and  other assets in an amount of USD 122.4 million (EUR 83.1 million) on the  assets  side are offset by current liabilities in the same amount on  the  liabilities  side. These will be repaid in full when the fund  is  placed  in  the  current  fiscal year. The investment in HCI  Capital  is  shown  under  "Participations"  in   an amount of EUR 54.0 million. As of the reporting date, the shares were valued  at EUR 14.90 per share. On the liabilities side, this item is primarily  offset  by debt capital in an amount of EUR 41.7 million.

Outlook on 2008 The Management Board continues to project a placement volume of EUR 1.1  billion for the current fiscal year (2007: EUR 1,062 million). The planned  increase  in the investment in HCI Capital AG to  35.1%  (previously:  15.1%)  suggests  that consolidated net income for 2008 will amount to EUR 52 million (previously:  EUR 45 million). In conjunction with this  transaction, MPC  Capital  AG  plans  to increase its capital from 10.6 million shares  to  12.15  million  shares  (from authorised capital), so that earnings per share will increase from EUR  4.25  to EUR 4.28.

On February 12, 2008, MPC Capital AG expressed its intention to  make a  public tender offer to the shareholders of HCI Capital AG at  a   price  of  EUR  14.22, which has been confirmed by the Federal Banking Supervisory  Authority  (BaFin). The company will make full use of the opportunities arising in  this  context  - which will depend on the percentage of shareholders accepting  the  offer  -  to the benefit of both companies. The acquisition of further shares in HCI  Capital AG as part of the offer, which is expected to be settled by early May, may  have additional effects on the results of MPC Capital AG.

Expectations of the Management Board "In 2007, MPC Capital was once again able to initiate attractive projects,  make inroads into new markets and target groups and raise more  than  EUR  1  billion from our customers. It is the sum total of the right decisions which   determines whether overriding objectives are met and milestones  for the  future  are  set through innovations. We closed the year with good  results  in  accordance  with our plans. We should highlight the increase in recurring sales as  a  percentage of total sales to 12% as well as the continued high  dividend  payout  ratio  of 92%, which allows us  to  propose  a  dividend  of  EUR  3.50,"  said  Dr. Axel Schroeder, CEO of MPC Capital AG.

"MPC Capital will again set standards in our industry in  2008.  New innovative product ideas will be available to our distribution partners and investors,  and high-profile  transactions  such  as  an order  for  container  ships  with  an investment volume of EUR 1.6 billion will strengthen the  product  pipeline  and increase the company's visibility. Not least will the  increased  investment  in HCI Capital AG open up the opportunity to realise new ideas and   projects  on  a greater scale and in a spirit of partnership and competition to the  benefit  of both companies and their shareholders. This will be an eventful  and  successful fiscal year for MPC Capital," Dr. Axel Schroeder added.


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