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AmVac Receives Two EU Grants for the Development of Novel Vaccines

Zug (ots) - AmVac AG announces today that the EU has approved two grant applications under the seventh framework programme (FP7) for the development of innovative vaccines against flu and leishmaniasis. The projects are joint initiatives of AmVac, other European companies and research institutes with leading expertise in vaccine design and development. Total funding for all participating partners is approximately EUR 6 million and EUR 5.5 million, respectively, over five years. Within the funding periods, both vaccines are expected to complete Phase I clinical trials.

The first project aims to develop a universal flu vaccine that can be used over several years. While traditional flu vaccines target highly variable antigens on the virus' surface and must be adapted and newly produced each year, the new vaccine will be based on antigens that are well conserved across the strains and largely stable over time. AmVac will be involved in vaccine design and contributes its MALP adjuvant to optimize efficacy. Moreover, AmVac will support the establishment of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) vaccine manufacturing.

The second project targets leishmaniasis, an infectious disease transmitted by certain species of sand fly. It is found in parts of the tropics, subtropics and southern Europe. Currently, there is no vaccine available. A first-in-class vaccine could not only protect the local population but also tourists travelling to endemic regions. AmVac will support pre-clinical testing and manufacturing according to GMP standards.

Funds provided under the FP7 programme must only be matched to 25% by small and medium-size companies such as AmVac. 'It is an excellent opportunity to leverage our investments and create significant potential for patients and investors - even more so, as both projects are expected to complete first clinical trials within the funding periods,' Melinda Karpati, CEO of AmVac comments.

About AmVac

AmVac AG is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and markets innovative vaccines. With headquarters in Switzerland, research laboratories in Germany and Italy and a production facility in Hungary, the company brings together leading European experts in the field. AmVac's portfolio currently comprises five vaccine candidates and three platform technologies: the Lactobacillus, Sendai and MALP platforms, inlicensed from a Hungarian partner and top German institutes of the Helmholtz Association and Max Planck Society. AmVac's lead product has already gained market approval in selected indications and is currently being developed for the treatment of a broad range of urogenital diseases. For the first time, it could enable a safe and effective treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis, bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis - with virtually no side effects. Further vaccine candidates are currently in preclinical development. Target indications include respiratory infections and seasonal and pandemic flu.


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