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    Dusseldorf (ots) - Spring 2001 saw the launch of a unique event in
the paper, office supplies and stationery sector. After severe tests
by the ESA (the European Space Agency) and other special laboratories
the Pritt correction, adhesive and highlighter rollers and the Pritt
glue stick received the seal "space proof quality".
    At 09:23 h on March 17, 2001, a Soyuz rocket took off from the
Baikonur Cosmodrome with a cargo of Pritt products bound for the
International Space Station (ISS). A few weeks later, a conference
call was set up between the ISS and the ground control center of the
Russian Space Agency near Moscow. Guido De Keersmaecker, Executive
Vice President/Adhesives at Henkel, Wolfgang Schäufele, head of the
Paper, Office Supplies and Stationery business and Lutz Paulus, head
of international Pritt Product Management, briefed Yuri Usachev,
Commander aboard the ISS, for a special mission: testing Pritt
products under zero gravity and the severest conditions. Even during
the live transmission Yuri Usachev was delighted with the Pritt
products and their versatile uses. Green light for the mission of
"Testing Pritt products in the ISS".
    Commander Usachev subsequently proved in day-to-day work on board
the ISS that Pritt roller products and the Pritt glue stick were easy
to use, quick, precise and reliable. They are the first correction,
papergluing and highlighting products to receive the "Space Proof
Quality" seal of approval.
    This unusual space test was documented on a video tape which
landed in the Kazakhstan steppes with a Soyuz space capsule on May 8,
2001, the same capsule that carried Tito, the first space tourist.
With this successful "Pritt in Space" mission, Henkel has provided
indisputable confirmation of the high quality standards of Pritt
products. The program was organized by Intospace GmbH, Hanover,
    Within the Henkel adhesives portfolio, the Pritt brand is the
worldwide expert in paper gluing, correction and more for home,
school and office. Pritt is the global market leader in this sector.
The success story began in 1969 with the launch of the Pritt Stick,
the world's first glue stick. Today the Pritt brand range includes
the Pritt Stick, as well as all-purpose glues, adhesive tabs, tape,
correction rollers and fluids, and highlighter rollers. Pritt
products are sold in 121 countries around the world.
    With sales of 3 billion euro in the year 2000, the Henkel Group's
Adhesives business sector is number one on the world market. Its 3
strategic business units Consumer and Craftsmen Adhesives,
Engineering Adhesives (Loctite) and Industrial Adhesives and
Sealants, supported by the factors worldwide presence, strong
technology base and marketing competence, are the pillars of Henkel
Adhesives' success.
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