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Research & Development

Gleisdorf (euro adhoc) - Gleisdorf, October 13, 2011. Today, the innovative
machine and complete systems manufacturer Binder+Co, recently granted the Open
Innovation Award in Berlin, presents its latest development to the wider
audience of research and industry: BUBLON - an optimised method for producing an
all-natural lightweight material and filler with significantly improved
properties in comparison to conventional methods. The president of the Chinese
Perlite Association, amongst others, is also attending the ceremonial
presentation of the first BUBLON plant in Gleisdorf.

"Our success in recent years is based on the consistent implementation of new
ideas as well as the pursuit of a meaningful supplement and expansion of our
product range: BUBLON combines both, creating an innovative method that fits
perfectly into our portfolio, as the upstream and the downstream process steps
are already among our core competencies. We see very attractive market potential
for this technology, whose development would bring us a significant increase in
sales", explains Karl Grabner, member of the Management Board of Binder+Co.

"Popcorn" with excellent insulation properties
Due to the trace water contained in the starting material, perlite and obsidian
multiply their volume up to 20-fold when heated. Similar to the fabrication of
popcorn, BUBLON uses this feature of the raw materials, which exist in large
quantities, to produce an excellent base for the manufacture of building
materials with superb insulation properties. In conjunction with the
corresponding binders, the innovative "popcorn" produced in BUBLON plants can be
processed into insulation plates or lightweight materials, like (insulation)
plaster and (thermal insulation) mortar as well as used in cavities of concrete
block to improve the level of insulation.

Binder+Co's latest product innovation is based on an invention developed by a
joint Austrian-Chinese team. In China, it already is a successfully applied
procedure, whose rights of use Binder+Co has secured.

Significant advantages over conventional methods
"Perlite popcorn" produced with conventional methods has strong hygroscopic
properties, which, together with its low dimensional stability as well as low
strength, are responsible for this product only being of limited use for the
construction and insulating material industries. 

The expanded perlite, manufactured with BUBLON plants, is well suited for
further processing into plates and molded parts due to its low water absorption
and closed surface. Furthermore, the new method allows to specifically adjust
the bulk density as well as the strength of the granules, and is also
characterised by a significantly lower energy consumption.

Open Innovation at Binder+Co
The development of BUBLON in Gleisdorf is carried out in close cooperation with
the Chinese partner Chi-Che Euro-Technic, the Leoben University of Natural
Resources and Applied Sciences and the FH Joanneum University of Applied
Sciences. Therefore, a pilot plant has been built at Binder+Co's headquarters in
Gleisdorf, which not only serves the further optimisation of the new method, but
is also already being used for experimental purposes by the first potential

Perfect integration into Binder+Co's product portfolio
Before BUBLON is used, the raw material must be comminuted, screened, dried and
the finished product also packaged. As these steps have been among the core
competencies of Binder+Co, BUBLON integrates optimally into the existing product

Potential BUBLON customers include the construction industry, brick, ready-mix
plaster and insulation panel manufacturers as well as the fire protection and
industrial soundproofing industry.

The Binder+Co Group
Binder+Co AG is a specialist in the field of processing, environmental and
packaging technology and the world market leader in the screening and glass
recycling segments. The company was listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange at the
end of 2006 and is now part of the third market in the mid market segment.
Binder+Co was awarded the 2010 Austrian National Innovation Prize for its
development of the world´s first industrially mature system for the sorting of
heat-resistant special glass from recycling cullets. Moreover, the Binder+Co
Group recently expanded its product range in the comminuting technology area
through the incorporation of Comec-Binder S.r.l.

Further inquiry note:
Karl Grabner, Member of the Management Board
Telephone: +43/3112/800-363

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