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SYGNIS Announces Prolongation of Standby Equity Distribution Agreement

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SYGNIS Announces Prolongation of Standby Equity Distribution Agreement

Heidelberg,  July 31, 2012  -  SYGNIS   Pharma   AG   (Frankfurt:   LIOK;   ISIN
DE000A1E9B74; Prime Standard) has ahead of schedule  agreed  a  prolongation  of
the standby equity distribution agreement (SEDA) with YA Global Master  SPV  LTD
(YA Global) effective from  November  1,  2012  for  further  three  years  with
unchanged conditions. The agreement provides SYGNIS Pharma AG  with  the  option
to request YA Global, during the term of the agreement, to subscribe  for  newly
issued SYGNIS shares from the Company's authorized capital in tranches of up  to
EUR 500,000 each. The subscription price of the new shares will be  determined 
at 95% of the lowest volume-weighted average price of one of the five trading 
days following the date of the relevant draw down notice.

The total value of this equity  facility  aggregates  to  up  to  EUR 10 
million, provided that the aggregate number of shares  issued  to  YA  Global 
shall  not exceed  9,9%  of  SYGNIS  Pharma  AG's  share  capital.  YA  Global 
can  either accumulate these shares or place them in  the  market.  However,  YA
Global  is committed not to short sell or enter into any hedging  transactions 
related  to the particular company stock.

The prolongation is subject to the condition precedent that the  German  Federal
Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für
Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) grants an exemption from the obligations
pursuant to sec.35 of the German Takeover Act (Wertpapiererwerbs-  und
Übernahmegesetz)toGenetrix, A.B., and parties affiliated or acting in  concert
with Genetrix, A.B., regarding the proposed contribution of  X-Pol  into  SYGNIS
Pharma AG in particular to submit a  mandatory  tender  offer  to  the  existing
shareholders of  SYGNIS  Pharma  AG  in  connection  with  the  related  capital
increase of SYGNIS Pharma AG.

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Marc Risch
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