SYGNIS announces six months results of fiscal year 2011/2012

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6-month report

Heidelberg (euro adhoc) - SYGNIS announces six months results of fiscal year

    • Capital increase of EUR6.2 million successfully completed
    • AX200:     results of the AXIS 2 trial by the end of 2011 and
                 strengthened patent position in H1
    • KIBRA:     substantial progress of the compound-screening and first
                 patents granted in Europe and the USA

Heidelberg, November  14,  2011  -  SYGNIS  Pharma  AG  (Frankfurt:  LIOK;  ISIN
DE000A1E9B74; Prime Standard)  today  reports  its  financial  results  for  the
second quarter and the first half of the fiscal year 2011/2012  ended  September
30, 2011.


    • The net loss in the second quarter decreased to EUR-2.0 million (EUR-3.0
      million Q2 2010/2011). The net loss for the first half of the fiscal year
      2011/2012 amounted to EUR-3.3 million (EUR-5.3 million first half
    • Total operating expenses for the first half were down at EUR4.3  million
      (EUR5.6 million H1 2010/2011). Financial result was EUR0.8 million (EUR0.0
      million H1 2010/2011).
    • Cash including marketable securities amounted to EUR8.1 million as of
      September 30, 2011 (EUR11.2 million H1 2010/2011).
    • In mid August 2011 SYGNIS completed a capital increase. At the end of  the
      subscription  period,  3,076,623  new  shares  have  been  subscribed  and
      correspondingly the share capital increased from EUR13,752,881 to
      EUR16,829,504. As a result, the Company received gross proceeds of EUR6.2

Operational summary

    • On 8 August 2011, SYGNIS completed the patient enrolment  for  the  AXIS 2
      Study when the last patient was successfully recruited. 328 patients  were
      treated in eight European countries as part of the study, which tested the
      efficacy of AX200 for the treatment of acute stroke.
    • In  September  2011  the  European  Patent  Office  provided  two  notices
      regarding their imminent intention to issue two additional  AX200-patents.
      The respective patent applications cover the use of AX200  for  the  acute
      and chronic stage of a stroke.
    • The patent situation for the KIBRA project  has  also  been  improved.  In
      September 2011 SYGNIS filed new patent  applications,  which  include  new
      pharmacological pathways to KIBRA.

Significant events after the balance sheet date

On 3 November 2011, SYGNIS reported the completion of treatment for the  AXIS  2
Study. All of the required patient investigations have  now  been  completed  in
order to allow the finalization of data collection and  the  evaluation  of  the
study data.


SYGNIS confirms its earlier expectations of a net loss and a liquidity outflow
of around EUR8-9 million for the current 2011/2012 fiscal year. The Company is
financed approximately until the end of calendar year 2012.

The key operational focus for the upcoming weeks is the analysis of  the  AXIS 2
Study data. As planned, results are expected  to  be  reported  by  the  end  of
calendar year 2011. Dependent on these results, the Company will  then  evaluate
the options for  further  development  and  marketing  of  AX200.  Possibilities
include continuing development by the Company itself  or  through  out-licensing
to external parties. In addition,  SYGNIS  will  consider  developing  AX200  in
cooperation with a partner.

SYGNIS expects first results of its screening activities of  the  KIBRA  project
at the end of the 2011 calendar year.  The  identified  drug  candidates  should
enable SYGNIS to either enter into a research  partnership  or  further  develop
the compounds with its own resources.

In addition the Company  continues  to  evaluate  opportunities  to  extend  its
product pipeline through partnerships or strategic transactions.

|Key financial figures for the second quarter of fiscal year        |
|2011/2012 ended September 30, 2011 and corresponding figures (IFRS)|
|Numbers in million euros          |Q2 2011/2012    |Q2 2010/2011    |
|Revenues                          |0.0             |0.0             |
|Total expenses                    |2.1             |3.1             |
|EBIT                              |-2.1            |-3.0            |
|Net results for the period        |-2.0            |-3.0            |
|Intangible assets                 |20.5            |21.8            |
|Liquidity at end of quarter       |8.1             |11.2            |
|Equity                            |19.4            |25.0            |
|(equity ratio in %)               |(59)            |(65)            |
|Long-term financial liabilities   |8.0             |8.0             |
|Operating Cash Flow               |-2.5            |-2.0            |

|Key figures for the first six months of fiscal year 2011/12 ended  |
|September 30, 2011 and comparables (IFRS)                          |
|Numbers in million euros          |H1 2011/12      |H1 2010/11      |
|Revenues                          |0.2             |0.1             |
|Total expenses                    |4.3             |5.6             |
|EBIT                              |-4.2            |-5.4            |
|Net results for the period        |-3.3            |-5.3            |
|Operating cash flow               |-4.5            |-4.3            |

The report on the second quarter which ended on September 30, 2011 is  available
at the SYGNIS webpage at

About SYGNIS Pharma
SYGNIS Pharma AG, headquartered in Heidelberg,  is  a  specialty  pharmaceutical
company listed in the Prime  Standard  of  the  Frankfurt  Stock  Exchange.  The

Company is focused on the research and development of innovative  therapies  for
the treatment of disorders of the Central Nervous System. SYGNIS´ core  projects
are currently Acute Stroke for which SYGNIS´ lead clinical programme  is  AX200,
as well as the preclinical KIBRA-project for the treatment  of  different  forms
of dementia. All these disorders are characterized by  the  fact  that,  as  the
disease progresses, nerve cells are damaged and die.  Although  there  is  great
medical demand, there are currently no  or  only  inadequate  treatment  options
available. Furthermore, a key element of the sustainable value creation  of  the
Company is the expansion of the product pipeline, which will be secured  through
its own developments as well as in-licensing and acquisitions.

For further information please contact:


|Dr. Franz-Werner Haas                  |
|Senior Vice President Operations       |
|+49 (0) 6221 454 812                   |
|         |

Julia Phillips
FTI Consulting
Tel.: +44 (0) 20 7269 7187

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