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11.08.2021 – 07:15

Kapsch TrafficCom AG

EANS-News: Kapsch TrafficCom
Results for the first quarter 2021/22. - ATTACHMENT

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Quarterly Report

Vienna -

* Return to profitability with lower revenues.
* Cost reduction and restructuring measures show an effect.
* Internally financed repayment of financing tranches led to a balance sheet
* Delays in tenders do not permit more precise information to be reported on the
  degree of profitability in H2 2021/22.

"Following a difficult phase, we have managed to ring in a visible turnaround.
Looking back on the last two years, I am convinced that the main restructuring
measures are already behind us and that we will finish the 2021/22 financial
year with a profit again", says Georg Kapsch, CEO of Kapsch TrafficCom.

Unless otherwise stated,                     Q1 2020/21 Q1 2021/22 +/-
all values in EUR million
Revenues                                     138.5      126.8      -8.4%
EBIT                                         -11.3      6.6        > 100%
EBIT margin                                  -8.2%      5.2%       13.4%p
Result for the period attributable to equity -10.0      3.2        > 100%
Earnings per share (EUR)                     -0.77      0.24       > 100%

Even though revenues of EUR 127 million were relatively low, we were able to
conclude the first quarter with a profit. Operating result (earnings before
interest and taxes, EBIT) achieved EUR 7 million (previous year: EUR -11
million), while the earnings attributable to the shareholders were EUR 3 million
(previous year: EUR -10 million). This corresponds to earnings per share of EUR
0.24 (previous year: EUR -0.77).

The financial result was EUR -2 million (Previous year: EUR -1 million). More
than half of this was the result of unrealized foreign exchange losses. As
arranged, partial repayments of the promissory note bond and a bank loan in the
total amount of EUR 49 million were made in June. Since the company had managed
to increase the cash reserves in the months prior, these repayments were made
using own funds. This effect of this asset/liability exchange was to reduce the
balance sheet. On June 30, 2021, the balance sheet total was EUR 552 million
(March 31, 2021: EUR 593 million).

The positive quarterly result and the lower balance sheet total made the equity
ratio increase to 16% (March 31, 2021: 14%). The reduction in trade payables was
the main reason for the negative free cash flow of EUR -11 million in the first
quarter (previous year: EUR -27 million). Consequently, the net debt went up to
EUR 181 million (March 31, 2021: EUR 170 million).
As of June 30, Kapsch TrafficCom employed 4,538 people (March 31, 2021: 4,657).

Segment results.

In Q1 2021/22, the Tolling segment contributed 71% to the total revenues, and
the Traffic Management segment 29%. 56 % of revenues were generated in the
Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, 40% in the Americas region
(North, Central, and South America), and 5% in the Asia-Pacific region.

Segment Tolling
Unless otherwise stated,  Q1 2020/21 Q1 2021/22 +/-
all values in EUR million
Revenues                  106.0      89.6       -15.4%
EBIT                      -8.9       3.1        > 100%
EBIT margin               -8.4%      3.5%       11.9%p

In Q1 2021/22, revenues in the Tolling segment amounted to EUR 90 million (-
15%). EBIT reached EUR 3 million (previous year: EUR -9 million). EBIT margin
was at 4% (previous year: -8%). Kapsch TrafficCom sold 2.0 million on-board
units in the first quarter 2021/22 (previous year: 2.9 million).

Segment Traffic Management
Unless otherwise stated,  Q1 2020/21 Q1 2021/22 +/-
all values in EUR million
Revenues                  32.5       37.2       14.4%
EBIT                      -2.5       3.4        -
EBIT margin               -7.6%      9.2%       16.8%p

In Q1 2021/22, revenues in the Traffic Management segment amounted to EUR 37
million (+14%). EBIT was at EUR 3 million and thus better than the figure of the
previous year (EUR -2 million).

The highlights report of the first quarter 2020/21 as well as further materials
will be available at from today, not before 7:35 am

Further inquiry note:
Contact for investors:
Hans Lang
Investor Relations Officer
Kapsch TrafficCom AG
Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Wien, Österreich
T +43 50 811 1122

Press contact:
Carolin Treichl
Executive Vice President Marketing & Communications
Kapsch Aktiengesellschaft
Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Wien, Österreich
T +43 50 811 1710

Ingrid Riegler
Head of Corporate Communications
Kapsch TrafficCom AG
Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Wien, Österreich
+43 50 811 1724

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