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pro adicta: Already More Than 1000 Successful Detoxifications From Opiate Addiction Thanks to Escape, a Treatment Method Using Neuroelectric Stimulation

    Schoeftland (ots) - pro adicta facilitates the treatment of addiction to opioids such as heroin and methadone by means of escape, an innovative method of treatment using neuroelectric stimulation. Drug addiction can be overcome more easily using neuronal stimulation. On the basis of the latest knowledge in the field of neuroscience, pro adicta has developed a non-invasive method of treatment, which massively improves the treatment of addiction for those affected...

    The computer-guided, Neuro-Jet stimulation devices, certified for use in addiction situations, combined to the protocol of withdrawal, significantly reduce the withdrawal syndrome. The detoxification process proceeds more quickly and more smoothly by specifically stimulating the body's own production of opiates (endogenous morphine) by means of scarcely perceptible neuroelectric impulses and by using appropriate medication. The somatic symptoms thus become more bearable for the patient. The psychological components of weaning are favorably influenced, particularly the conflict between the patients' own feelings and their coming to terms with their craving. The patient experiences withdrawal from drug addiction less as an agonizing experience than as a first step towards a life free from opiate addiction. Stimulation works as a pacesetter to rapidly produce a lasting metabolic change. The recovery of bodily capacity is accelerated thanks to a significantly improved pattern of sleep during the treatment.

    The innovative escape detoxification protocol is very appreciated by patients and is associated with noticeably fewer complications and pain compared with conventional weaning treatments. At escape ambulatorium, a private clinic in Switzerland for addiction therapy, over 1000 withdrawals from opiate addiction have been successfully carried out in the last 11 years.

    The escape withdrawal treatment is licensed in Europe by pro adicta, together with the Neuro-Jet devices used in the therapy.

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