Romania Becoming the next Ukraine?

    Bucharest (ots) - In Romania these days you see a lot of smoke from the battle coming from the political scene. Is a poignant image of a country that has just acceded to the EU, but seems to lack political wisdom in order to remain there.

    When the political alliance came to power in 2004 Romania seemed to go into the right direction. The new government implemented key reforms in several areas and the general sense was that all the political forces were united around a common purpose: EU admission.

    Romania entered the EU in January 2007 and from then all political hell broke loose. The President turned against the Government and Parliament accusing them of corruption and wrong doing.

    The latest step in this political war was the suspension of the President by the Parliament and the President announcing that he will resign, and then changing his mind. Now, a referendum will take place to ratify or fire the President.

    However, only if half of the citizens vote against the President he will be forced to resign and this occurrence is impossible. At the last elections there were slightly over 50% of voters and referendums do not attract voters. Therefore the chances of Basescu to be forced to resign are non-existent.

    In this context is hard to explain why the President started a series of political rallies. There is a sensation that the history from Ukraine will repeat in Romania.

    The prime-minister rightly refused to give ground and showed political caution by rejecting to enter in a war of words with Basescu since he said "the only priorities for Romania are the measures necessary for finalizing EU integration".

    Will bullets from the political fight enter, once again, the headquarters of the Government?

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