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"New health service options": CompuGROUP supports health insurers and physicians.


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Koblenz (euro adhoc) - Koblenz - 25 March 2009: CompuGROUP Holding AG, Europe's leading  e-health service provider, supports  physicians and statutory  health insurance funds with intelligent software  and future-oriented  communication solutions. The firm, an expert, experienced partner  to  physicians  and  health  insurers,presented new health-care options at the  regional  conference  of the  CDU  in Koblenz.

The Health-Care Fund and the reform  of  the  fee  system  have   imposed  severe financial burdens on physicians and  statutory   health  insurance  funds  alike. "New health service options" offer one way of coping with these  burdens.  These options focus on services provided  by  family  doctors.  All  statutory  health insurance funds are required to offer  family  physician  contracts   by  1  July 2009.

Within the context of this model, family  doctors  act  as  "guides" within  an integrated health-care system. The problem  is  that  many physicians  are  not certain which health insurers have concluded so-called selective contracts  with specialists and outpatient clinics in a given  region  or  what  services  (e.g. outpatient surgery) are covered by such contracts. Prescribing physicians  often lack  a  complete  overview  of  the  various  rebate  agreements     offered    by pharmaceutical companies. This situation is  further   complicated  by  the  fact that  patients  tend  to  expect   efficiently  coordinated  treatment,  detailed guidance from their doctors and, most importantly, transparency with respect  to courses of treatment. All  of  these  factors  combine  to  pose  a   significant challenge for family doctors - one that  cannot  be  met without  effective  IT support.

CompuGROUP provides user-friendly electronic communication tools in   support  of regional,  interdisciplinary  cooperation  among     physicians,    hospitals    and therapists. With the aid of these tools, duplicate  examinations  and  cases  of mismedication can be prevented and the length of hospital stays can be  reduced. The goal is to  achieve  effective  coordination  of  all  medical  and   nursing services, thereby  improving  the  quality  of  health  care for  patients  and reducing costs for health insurers.

One such tool is the "DocPortal" information platform,  which  is   now  used  by more than 60,000 physicians throughout Germany. Uwe   Eibich,  a  member  of  the Board  of  Directors  of  CompuGROUP   explained  the    background    behind    the development of this tool at the CDU Regional Conference:  "On average, a  family doctor in Germany has only 7.6 minutes in which to examine  a  patient,   discuss symptoms  and  findings,  recommend  a  course  of     treatment    and    prescribe medications,  if  needed.  DocPortal   ensures  that  the  physician  can  obtain information about specific regional health services offered by  health  insurers during his consultation with the patient and is thus  able  to  make  the  right decision on the spot." The physician can also search patient histories (many  of them extending over a  number  of  years)  for   symptoms,  findings,  diagnoses, prescriptions, etc. in an expert   database  developed  by  CompuGROUP.    On  the basis of this comprehensive information, Eibich explained, to  identify  related disorders and even detect previously  undiagnosed  illnesses  at  a   very  early stage. In order to ensure that  this  comprehensive   expert  information  system consistently reflects the most recent scientific insights, CompuGROUP relies  on the support of internal and external teams of experts representing all  relevant disciplines.

"Mr Eibich's presentation was of great interest to  us.  Calls  for   new  health service options are a focus of intense discussion in  the political  community. Thus it can only be helpful to approach this issue from a different  perspective and to realize that corresponding solutions  have  already  been  developed  and implemented successfully - and by a company from our own region", notes  Joachim Prümm, Managing Director of the Wirtschaftsrat der CDU  e.V.   (Economic  Council of the CDU, a non-profit organization).

About CompuGROUP Holding AG CompuGROUP is one of the  leading   eHealth  companies  worldwide.  Its  software products, designed to support  all  medical  and  organizational  activities  in doctors' offices  and  hospitals,  its  information  services  for  all   parties involved in the healthcare system and  its  web-based   personal  health  records contribute  towards  safer  and  more   efficient  healthcare.  The  services  of CompuGROUP are based on its unique customer  base  of  around  326,000  doctors, dentists, hospitals and networks as well as other service providers.   CompuGROUP is  the  eHealth  company  with  the  biggest  coverage   among  eHealth  service providers worldwide. The company operates in 14  European  countries,  Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and in the USA and  currently  employs  around  2,700 people.

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