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Continued Sales Growth at Mathys Ltd Bettlach

    Bettlach (ots) - The increase in turnover of the Bettlach Orthopaedic Company Mathys lies at 10.1%, well ahead of the business sector average. 2007 stands out as the year in which Mathys entered the Asian market as well as the year in which new innovative products were launched.

    The family business once again records a growth in turnover, considerably higher than the market average. With consolidated sales of CHF 81.7 Mio. this growth represents an increase of 10.1% compared to 2006.

    The number of staff remains practically unchanged with 391 staff employed worldwide, 218 of whom are located in Switzerland. Due to the competitive labour market situation and the high level of employment, Mathys currently has 13 positions vacant.

    The major sales area remains that of hip joint replacement. The largest growth areas are in the fields of knee and shoulder joint replacement. The development of the business unit Bio-surgery for bone replacement continues and contributes substantially to the achievement of the sales target.

    Continued Market Expansion

    In 2007 Mathys entered new markets in South America and Asia. Mathys products are now available through agents and distributors in important Asiatic markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. The entry into China is being prepared. Alongside its 9 subsidiaries, Mathys also works with 30 distributors and agents worldwide.

    Continued Innovation

    The good results in 2007 were also supported by the introduction of new innovative products. In the hip group, all major product ranges were complemented in 2007 by the addition of minimal invasive operation techniques, through which the tissue is protected. A new knee system was introduced, giving the patient extremely high mobility after the operation. This enables operations to be performed on younger patients who are pursuing active sport. An innovative inverse prosthesis was added to the shoulder product group. In addition to the above Mathys also launched the world's first fully synthetic kneadable bone replacement material in the summer. The so-called "Putty" is used to fill missing bone mass and in doing so enables bone remodelling within a few months. Thanks to its malleability and the simple application method, the operation time can be shortened. The patients' recovery period is also reduced.

    Continued Company Development in 2008

    The planned sales growth will be achieved through further investment in growth areas and the launch of innovative products. Following on from the achievements in 2007, Mathys can expect 2008 to be a further above average successful year. The optimisation of the production process is a focal point, as are higher revenue and careful control of the working capital. The head count will remain stable, despite the challenges presented by the current market situation in filling vacancies.

    General Information about Mathys Ltd Bettlach

    Focused entirely on the joint replacement business since 1 November 2003, Mathys produces hip, knee and shoulder implants, plus a range of biomaterials, in Bettlach and in Germany.

    Mathys has developed, produced and distributed joint replacement products since 1963, but only started selling own brand implants in 1996/97. The company, which has nine subsidiaries in Germany, France, Belgium, England, Holland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, is owned by the Mathys and Marzo families. Hugo Mathys is Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO; Dr. Arne Faisst is COO and is Chairman of the Executive Board.

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