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Important Information for Claimants in the Ahold Securities Class Action Settlement

    New York, November 6 (ots/PRNewswire) - Entwistle & Cappucci LLP, Lead Plaintiffs' counsel appointed by the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, issues this informational release concerning claims submitted to participate in the Settlement of the class action against Royal Ahold N.V. ("Ahold") in the United States.

    Pursuant to an October 3, 2007 Order issued by the Honorable Catherine C. Blake of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, the Court-appointed Claims Administrator will begin distributing payments from the Ahold Net Settlement Fund to Class Members who submitted valid and supported claim forms. Class Members will receive their Settlement Payments by check or by electronic funds transfer. Claimants will be paid by electronic funds transfer only if they provided correct account numbers and related details. Claimants who did not provide complete and accurate bank account information will be paid by check. Claimants who did not receive a notice from the Claims Administrator indicating that their claim would be rejected should monitor their mail or their bank account for their Settlement Payment.

    The Settlement Payments authorized by the Court's October 3, 2007 Order represent an initial distribution of 95% of the Ahold Net Settlement Fund. If your Settlement Payment is more than US$300 (approximately EUR 209.00) you  will receive a second Settlement Payment within the next approximately 12  months. Claimants who are entitled to a payment of $300 or less will  receive full payment in this distributuion. Claimants entitled to more  than US$300 will receive two distributions with the first payment  consituting approximately 95% of the total amount of the claimant's claim  and the second payment constituting approximately 5% of the total amount of the claimant's claim.

    The Ahold Settlement Fund is a "Qualified Settlement Fund," as defined in United States Treas. Reg. Section 1.468B-1 through 5. The tax treatment of your Settlement Payment will vary based upon your tax status and treatment of your investments. Therefore, we cannot determine the appropriate tax reporting for all recipients and we cannot provide individual tax advice. The tax treatment of distributions from the Net Settlement Fund is the responsibility of each recipient. You should consult your tax advisor to determine the tax consequences, if any, of your Settlement Payment.

    Claimants receiving their Settlement Payment by check must cash their check promptly as it will become void 180 days after the date of issue. If you have changed your address, or if you have any questions, you may contact the Claims Administrator by calling one of the numbers provided below or writing to the address below:

      In re Royal Ahold N.V. Securities and Erisa Litigation
      c/o The Garden City Group, Inc.
      Claims Administrator
      P.O. Box 9000 #6378
      Merrick, NY 11566-9000
      Country                              Toll Free Number
      Australia                          0011-800-1020-4060
      Austria                              0800-296107
      Belgium                              00-800-1020-4060
      Canada                                1-888-410-0027
      Denmark                              00-800-1020-4060
      England                              00-800-1020-4060
      Finland                              00-800-1020-4060
      France                                00-800-1020-4060 (France Telecom)
                                                40-800-1020-4060 (TELE 2)
                                                50-800-1020-4060 (Omnicom)
                                                70-800-1020-4060 (Le 7 Cegetel)
                                                90-800-1020-4060 (9 Telecom)
      Germany                              00-800-1020-4060
      Hong Kong                          001-800-1020-4060
      Ireland                              00-800-1020-4060
      Italy                                 00-800-1020-4060
      Japan                                 010-800-1020-4060
      Liectenstein                      809-2288, ask to be connected
                                                to 800-467-8208
      Luxembourg                         00-800-1020-4060
      Netherlands                        00-800-1020-4060
      Norway                                00-800-1020-4060
      Portugal                            00-800-1020-4060
      Scotland                            00-800-1020-4060
      Singapore                          001-800-1020-4060 (Singtel IDD)
                                                002-800-1020-4060 (MobileONE IDD)
                                                008-800-1020-4060 (Starhub IDD)
                                                013-800-1020-4060 (Singtel
                                                Budget Call)
                                                018-800-1020-4060 (Starhub
                                                019-800-1020-4060 (Singtel
      Spain                                 00-800-1020-4060
      Sweden                                00-800-1020-4060
      Switzerland                        00-800-1020-4060
      United States                    1-888-410-0027
      International Toll Number +1-941-906-4864

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