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Clearwater's Argentine Subsidiary, Glaciar Pesquera, Awarded Highly Coveted Privilege of Displaying Eco-Label by the Marine Stewardship Council

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    Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership's (Clearwater) Argentine subsidiary company Glaciar Pesquera SA is proud to announce that it has  been awarded the privilege to display the blue eco-label from the Marine  Stewardship Council (MSC) on its Argentinean Scallop products. The Argentine  or Patagonian scallop fishery is the first scallop fishery in the world to  receive this rigorous independent certification. The Marine Stewardship  Council (MSC) certification comes with the privilege to display the blue  eco-label on scallop products from this fishery.

    MSC certified products have a growing audience in North American and  European markets as a result of the increased interest in products from  well-managed and sustainable fishery efforts. The logo is evidence that the  fishery meets the strict environmental standards set by the MSC and the  product originates from a sustainable and well-managed fishing resource.

    "Consumers are showing a growing interest in sustainable product offerings. In addition, Argentine scallops are excellent source of protein,  low in fat and are filled with the vitamins and minerals needed for good  nutrition and good health. Chefs and 'ready-meal' food processors are using  Argentine scallops in an increasing variety of preparations; from  appetizers like the popular Latin American Scallop Ceviche, to salads and  main entrees. Argentine scallops are absolutely delicious served either hot  or cold. We see great opportunities for this product on retailer shelves, particularly for the discerning palates of European and North American  consumers." stated Alan Cameron, Product Manager for Clearwater Scallops.

    Clearwater's strategy of resource ownership depends on ensuring sustainable harvesting through responsible resource management and it has  been proactive in protecting its key resources through its investments in  science and by actively co-managing these resources in partnership with  government Fishery Organizations. "The Argentine scallop industry is  committed to responsible fishing and we are actively engaged in providing  ongoing support to the Argentine government's efforts to ensure continued  health and sustainability of the scallop resource," stated Eduardo Gonzalez  Lemmi, President of Glaciar Pesquera SA, Clearwater's Argentine Subsidiary.

    Colin MacDonald, Clearwater's Chief Executive Officer stated, "The road to certification has been a long and dedicated journey. Sustainability  has and will always be a life long commitment of our company. Our goal is  to ensure our corporate philosophies are reflected in our products and in  our fishing operations. The MSC eco-label demonstrates our commitment to  the long-term sustainability of the species we harvest from the sea. It  also assures the increasing eco-conscious consumer they are buying a product that is harvested in a sustainable and responsible manner and one  that will be enjoyed by our children and their children for all the  generations to come."


    Clearwater is recognized for its consistent quality, wide diversity  and reliable delivery of premium seafood, including scallops, lobster,  clams, cold-water shrimp, crab and ground fish.

    Since its founding in 1976 Clearwater has invested in science, people,  technology, resource ownership and resource management to preserve and grow  its seafood resource. This commitment has allowed it to remain a leader in  the North American seafood industry for almost three decades.


    Glaciar Pesquerea is a subsidiary of Clearwater. Glaciar's state of  the art processing vessels harvest year-round making their delicately  flavored scallops available throughout the year. After being harvested the  scallops are frozen at sea, binding their natural moisture and locking in  their natural sweet flavor. Research proves that scallops that are frozen  at sea provide chefs and consumers with minimum shrinkage and maximum cook  yield while protecting the natural delicious taste and superb eating  experience of the scallop. The product is exported from Argentina to  markets in both Europe and North America.

    The Patagonian scallop (Zygochlamys patagonica), also called Argentinean or Antarctic scallop, are harvested wild from the Argentine  Continental Shelf. Famous for their delicate natural sweet flavor, they are  popular in a variety of meal applications.

BEDFORD, Nova Scotia, December 13 /PRNewswire/ --


    The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent, global, non- profit organization. It works to enhance responsible management of seafood  resources, to ensure the sustainability of global fish stocks and the  health of the marine ecosystem. It is supported by a broad coalition of  those with a stake in the future of the global seafood supply. The MSC  harnesses consumer power by identifying sustainable seafood products  through an eco-label. For more information on the MSC and the certification  of the Patagonian Scallop Fishery Certification visit

    For the MSC announcement visit

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BEDFORD, Nova Scotia, December 13 /PRNewswire/ --

    Products bearing the MSC eco-label are available on the MSC website:

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