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Operational launch of national transmission system operator swissgrid

    Laufenburg (ots) - swissgrid will commence activities as Switzerland's national grid operator on 15 December 2006, assuming operational management and responsibility for the Swiss high-voltage grid. swissgrid employs approximately 130 highly qualified employees at its head office in Laufenburg.

    "The operational launch of swissgrid is a milestone in the evolution of the Swiss electricity industry. It will help secure the electricity supply in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries and take us one step closer to the European market," explains Hans-Peter Aebi, CEO of swissgrid ag. The Swiss grid company operates and manages the entire, high-voltage network covering some 6,700 kilometres, ensuring secure and reliable power supply to millions of homes and businesses. It will take over all the duties previously performed by grid coordinator ETRANS, and will now have much more far-reaching powers and responsibilities.

    Secure power supply

    In its capacity as transmission grid operator, swissgrid is responsible for the secure, reliable and cost-effective operation of the Swiss high-voltage grid. In order to maintain the balance between power consumption and power generation, swissgrid has the authority to issue instructions governing grid circuits, frequency regulation and power control. These powers are essential for smooth grid operation and will therefore make a vital contribution to ensuring a secure power supply in Switzerland.

    Electricity hub at the heart of Europe

    Due to its central location and flexible production options, Switzerland - and therefore swissgrid - plays a key role when it comes to cross-border transmission capacities in Europe. swissgrid will take the action required to avoid and eliminate congestion in the electricity transmission grid.

    The foundation of swissgrid is a unique phenomenon across Europe. The seven Swiss grid companies (Atel, BKW, CKW, EGL, EOS, EWZ and NOK) voluntarily set up the national grid company even before this became necessary under legislation, helping to position the Swiss electricity industry as the power hub of Europe. In addition to this, swissgrid will in future be the point of contact for all questions relating to grid management and operation, and it will also be responsible for representing Switzerland's interests in the context of both national and international transmission systems.

    Transmission system operator

    swissgrid is a public limited company under Swiss law. It is comparable in size and in its functional and organizational structure to foreign transmission system operators (TSOs). In line with swissgrid's slogan "moving power", it plays a leading role in the development, automation and application of early warning and monitoring systems for high-voltage networks in Europe, using a range of innovative instruments. swissgrid employs approximately 130 employees from 11 different nations at its head office in Laufenburg. The new company's Board of Directors comprises shareholders Atel, BKW, CKW, EGL, EOS, EWZ and NOK, as well as the cantons and two neutral board members.

    "Panel discussion about the start of swissgrid" today in the opera Zurich at 16.30.

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    moving power - swissgrid is the national transmission system operator. In its capacity as transmission grid operator, it ensures the secure, reliable and cost-effective operation of the Swiss high-voltage grid. Headquartered in Laufenburg, swissgrid employs approximately 130 highly qualified employees. As a member of the Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity (UCTE) and the European Transmission System Operators (ETSO), it is also responsible for grid monitoring and grid usage with regard to European electricity exchange. swissgrid is wholly owned by the seven Swiss grid companies Atel, BKW, CKW, EGL, EOS, EWZ and NOK.

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