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19.12.2006 – 09:11

Canyon Copper Corp.

Further Drill Results Continue to Expand the Longshot Ridge Oxide Copper Deposit

Las Vegas, Nevada (ots/PRNewswire)

- 0.52% Cu over 190 Ft., 1.06% Cu over 90 Ft. and 1.08% Cu over 50
Canyon Copper Corp. (the 'Company' or 'Canyon Copper') (OTCBB:
CYOO) is  pleased to announce final results for the remaining eight
drill holes from  the 33 hole program completed earlier this year on
the Company's New York  Canyon copper project located in the Santa Fe
Mining District, Mineral  County, Nevada. All of the recent holes
confirm that copper oxide  mineralization extends throughout the
Longshot Ridge deposit, with four of  the holes intersecting
significant intervals of copper greater than 1%. These  intervals
include: hole 06-28R 0.53% Cu over 185 ft with 50 feet averaging
1.08% Cu, hole 06-31R 0.87% Cu over 190 ft with 1.06% Cu over 90 ft,
hole 06- 32C 0.66% over 83 ft with 1.09% over 38 ft and hole 06-33C
0.52% Cu over 190  ft. All of these recent holes lie within the
overall zone of mineralization  referred to as the Longshot Ridge
Final results have been received from the re-analyses of pulps
generated from the 2006 drill program. The eight holes available for
release include 06-26C, 27R, 28R, 29C, 30R, 31R, 32C and 33C. Reverse
Circulation holes are designated "R" and diamond drill core holes are
designated "C".
     Hole ID                From(ft)      To(ft)    Length(ft)     Copper(%)
     06-26C                      20          115            95         0.29
     06-27R                       0           70            70         0.16
     including                   55           70            15         0.37
                                290          330            40         0.23
     06-28R                       0          185           185         0.53
     including                   35           85            50         1.08
     06-29C                      10           45            35         0.28
     06-30R                       0           50            50         0.23
                                120          225           105         0.28
     including                  120          170            50         0.45
     06-31R                       0          130           130         0.32
                                190          380           190         0.87
     including                  285          375            90         1.06
     06-32C                      65          148            83         0.66
     including                  110          148            38         1.09
     06-33C                      10          200           190         0.52
     including                   60           95            35         0.84
     and                        175          195            20         1.50
The analyses of total copper content reported here were completed
by ALS Chemex using their AA62 atomic absorption procedure. A
thorough quality assurance/quality control protocol of certified
standard reference materials, duplicates and blanks was conducted
during the analytical process.
Drill hole 06-26C is located in the north east portion of Longshot
Ridge and was drilled vertically to a depth of 534 feet. Drilling
intersected weak skarn alteration in siltstone and limestone of the
Gabbs Formation overlying Luning Formation limestone. The hole
intersected weak to moderate copper mineralization from the start of
sampling at 20 feet to 115 feet and averaged 0.29% Cu over this 95
foot distance. Copper mineralization in nearby outcrop indicates that
the mineralization extends from surface.
06-27R is located in the central west edge of the tested limit of
Longshot Ridge and was drilled vertically to a depth of 335 feet.
Mineralization is hosted within variable skarn alteration in
siltstone and limestone. Sampling returned a 15 foot interval from 55
to 70 feet that averaged 0.37% Cu and a 40 foot interval further down
the hole from 290 to 330 feet that averaged 0.23% Cu.
06-28R is located 300 feet northwest of 06-27R within a zone of
strong skarn alteration of siltstone and limestone within the Gabbs
Fm. The hole was drilled vertically to a depth of 345 feet and is the
most westerly located hole drilled to date on Longshot Ridge. Surface
workings indicate that mineralization extends at least 300 feet
further west. Hole 06-28R returned a broad zone of copper
mineralization extending from surface to 185 feet that averaged 0.53%
Cu and included a strong zone of mineralization extending from 35
feet to 85 feet that averaged 1.08% Cu.
06-29C is located in the northern end of Longshot Ridge and was
drilled vertically to a depth of 500 feet. The hole intersected the
Luning Formation limestone unit that was non to weakly altered. An
interval from the start of sampling at 10 feet to 45 feet averaged
0.28% Cu.
06-30R is located 260 feet southwest of 06-29C and was drilled
vertically to a depth of 225 feet. Copper mineralization is hosted
within  calc-silicate and skarn altered limestone adjacent to quartz
monzonite sills.  An interval from surface to 50 feet averaged 0.23%
Cu and a second interval  from 120 to 225 feet averaged 0.28% Cu. The
mineralization remains open to  the north, west and at depth.
06-31R is located in the west central area of Longshot Ridge. The
hole was angled to the northwest at a dip of 60 degrees to a depth of
545 feet.  The hole intersected moderate skarn alteration within
siltstone and limestone  of the Gabbs Fm. Mineralization extends from
surface to 380 feet with an  upper 130 foot zone averaging 0.32% Cu
and a lower 190 foot zone starting at  190 feet that averages 0.87%
Cu. Included within this interval is a 90 foot  zone extending from
285 feet that averages 1.06% Cu.
06-32C is located at the northern portion of Longshot Ridge. The
hole  was drilled northwest across stratigraphy at an angle of 70
degrees to a  depth of 284 feet. The hole intersected variable
calc-silicate and skarn  alteration within Gabbs Fm. Sediments. An 83
foot interval starting at 65  feet returned an average of 0.66% Cu.
Mineralization appears open to the  north but may be limited by a
quartz monzonite porphyry intrusion.
06-33C is located in north central Longshot Ridge, approximately
350  feet south of 06-32C. The hole was drilled towards the northwest
at an angle  of 70 degrees to a depth of 345 feet. Mineralization is
hosted within  moderate calc-silicate and skarn alteration of the
Gabbs Fm. Sediments. A 190  foot zone from the start of sampling at
10 feet to 200 feet averaged 0.52%  Cu, with a 20 foot zone from 175
to 195 feet averaging 1.50% Cu.
Drilling to date at the Longshot Ridge copper deposit has
confirmed and expanded on the known extent of the copper oxide
mineralization, which is exposed at surface and has been tested to
depths up to 400 feet. With the exception of holes 06-13R and 06-14R
reported in the December 5, 2006 news release, all drill holes
completed in 2006 have indicated the consistent and wide spread
nature of the copper mineralization at Longshot Ridge. The recent
data is being incorporated into the overall New York Canyon project
database in order to develop a resource estimate of the copper
content at Longshot Ridge. A plan outlining the location of drill
holes at Longshot Ridge is available for viewing on the Company's
website at
About Canyon Copper
Canyon Copper Corp.'s New York Canyon Property is located in the
New  York Canyon area of the Santa Fe Mining District, Mineral
County, Nevada. The project hosts oxide and sulphide copper bearing
mineralization outlined by historical operators. The most advanced of
these zones is the Longshot Ridge copper oxide deposit. This zone has
not been completely outlined and remains open in several dimensions.
The Copper Queen mineralized zone is located approximately three
kilometers west of Longshot Ridge and hosts copper and molybdenum
sulphide mineralization. Several additional mineralized areas
identified throughout the New York Canyon property have yet to be
On behalf of the Board of Directors,
     "Bryan Wilson"
    Canyon Copper Corp.
    Bryan Wilson, President
Disclaimer: This Press Release may contain, in addition to
historical information, forward-looking statements within the meaning
of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section
21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These
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actual results to differ materially from the Company's expectations,
and expressly does not undertake any duty to update forward-looking
statements. These factors include, but are not limited to the
following: the Company's ability to obtain additional financing,
geological  or mechanical difficulties affecting the Company's
planned geological work programs, uncertainty of estimates of
mineralized material and other factors which may cause the actual
results, performance or achievements of the  Company to be materially
different from any future results, performance or achievements
expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.


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