ACTO CAPITAL (Groupama Private Equity) and Frederic Marchal are Considering Entering Into Partnership to aid the Development of Inventoriste.

    Maurepas, France (ots/PRNewswire) - Berberine EURL (held by Mr. Frederic Marchal), Amiral Gestion, B&G SARL,  Financier John Beslay and Mr. Jean-Sebastien Beslay, current reference  shareholders (hereafter referred to as "Reference Shareholders")in  Inventoriste with 87.17% of shares and voting rights, granted, on May 9 2009,  an exclusive contract to Acto Capital with a view to transferring their shares by no later than July 31 2009 to a holding company which will be held  by Mr. Frederic Marchal and Acto Capital.

    The holding company, which will have the task of acquiring Inventoriste  shares transferred by the Reference Shareholders at a price of 24 Euros per  share (cum-dividend), will have, following this acquisition, a participation  of 87.17% of shares and voting rights in Inventoriste. This holding company  will be controlled by Mr. Frederic Marchal, who will also continue in his  role as Chief Executive Officer of Inventoriste.

    The envisaged transaction values 100% of Inventoriste shares at 31.5  million Euros. The price of 24 Euros per share (cum-dividend) represents a  bonus of 19.11% compared to the last closing market rate on May 8 2009, and a  bonus of 24.47% and 23.07% compared to the last 3 and 6 months respectively.

    This partnership with Acto Capital (Groupama Private Equity, subsidiary  of Groupama, largest mutual insurance company in France) fits into a  framework of business continuity and development for Inventoriste.

    The information and consultation procedures of the relevant personnel  representative authorities within Inventoriste will be implemented pursuant  to applicable regulations.

    The acquisition of shares as held by the Reference Shareholders of  Inventoriste will be subject to obtaining the funding from banks necessary  for the acquisition of all Inventoriste shares in addition to fulfilling the  normal conditions, particularly with regard to auditing.

    Subsequent to the acquisition of shares as transferred by the Reference Shareholders in Inventoriste, a stock price guarantee programme  relating to the balance of Inventoriste shares will be proposed to the  Financial Markets Authority at a price of 24 Euros per share (cum-dividend),  by enforcing the stock market rules in force.

    If, following the stock price guarantee, the holding company were to hold  in excess of 95% of voting rights in Inventoriste, it would implement a  takeover offer at the same price of 24 Euros per share (cum-dividend) and ask  for the striking off of Inventoriste shares from the Alternext Paris list.

    An independent expert will be appointed by the Inventoriste Board of  Directors in order to value the financial conditions of the aforementioned  offers.

    All information relating to these operations will be made public, pursuant to applicable regulations.

    About Inventoriste

    Established in 1991, Inventoriste is a specialist in the outsourcing of  stocktaking, primarily in the retail world. The group possesses 13 branches  in France, subsidiaries in Spain, Italy and Belgium and a branch in Portugal.

    Inventoriste is quoted on Alternext Paris - Mnemonique ALIVT -

    Code ISIN FR0010082305

    About Acto Capital

    Acto Capital, a direct investment team sponsored by Groupama Private  Equity, invests primarily and over the long term in certain sectors selected  for the quality of their fundamentals. Acto Capital has become a key player  in France in the Health, Tourism, Leisure and Business Services sectors.

    Acto Capital, which currently manages approximately 200 million Euros, is  in a fund raising stage for Acto Capital II, for which it has already  undertaken two investments.

    Groupama Private Equity is the dedicated capital-investment arm of  Groupama.

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