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ESO Uranium Corp.'s 2007 Athabasca Basin Work Programme Underway; NI 43 101 Compliant Reports Commissioned

    Vancouver (ots/PRNewswire) - ESO Uranium Corp. (ESO: TSX.V), The "Company", has made exploration  expenditures to date amounting to over CDN $5.25 million on its uranium properties in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan. A further CDN $ 6 million is budgeted for continuing programmes into 2007. These will include the intensive drilling of near-surface targets at Cluff Lake  indicated by the first phase exploration results and follow-up ground and  airborne surveys that have been started on the 100% owned Hook claims.

    The Company has been carrying out systematic exploration of its uranium projects, including extensive airborne surveys and follow-up surface geophysical surveys, supported by geochemical sampling of boulders and radon surveys in selected areas. Core drilling was carried out on the Cluff Lake area claims under option from Logan Resources Ltd (LGR: TSX.V) that returned grades up to 0.82% (16.4 lbs/s.ton) uranium oxide over 1.0 meters of drill core interval near a historical drill hole that recovered a drill core interval of 0.85% (17 lbs/s.ton) uranium oxide over 2.5 meters. (See news release of date 2nd May 2006)

    ESO has engaged MPH Consulting LTD, an independent firm with considerable experience in Basin, to complete NI 43 101 compliant reports  for all of its uranium properties in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan. The  reports will cover the three blocks of properties located in the West Basin,  the South Central Basin and the East Athabasca Basin:

@@start.t1@@        -  The Cluff Lake area in the West Basin is the most advanced
            exploration block with over 169,000 acres adjoining the mining lease
            of the former Cluff Lake producer owned by Areva (past production of
            more than 63 million pounds of uranium oxide and significant gold
            recovery which would have a gross value today of over $4.5 billion).
            The properties include those under option from Logan Resources Ltd
            (LGR: TSX.V), International KRL Resources Corp. (IRK: TSX.V), and
            Hathor Exploration Ltd (HAT: TSX.V), and also the 77,000 acres of 100%
            owned claims of ESO, in the Cluff Lake area;
        -  The 100% owned Hook and Mandin properties in the south central part
            of the Basin include nearly 192,000 acres covering northern
            extensions of geological, geochemical and geophysical targets on the
            Areva, Cameco, UEM Inc and Purepoint Uranium Group (PTU: TSX.V)
            claims that are under active investigation;
        -  The 100% owned Cree Project on the East side of the Basin is
            comprised of approximately 625,000 acres paralleling the geological
            corridor that hosts almost 30% of total world uranium production from
            the highest grade uranium deposits in the World. Areva, the world's
            most important uranium mining and processing company, is actively
            exploring claims adjoining the southeast flank of the project.
        ESO is well positioned with three levels of exploration activity in its
distinct and highly prospective areas of the Athabasca Basin.
        -  Drilling is planned for the advanced Cluff Lake properties of Hathor
            and International KRL in the first quarter of 2007. The drilling will
            be following up on shallow (15 - 150 m depth) uranium and gold
            mineralization previously located, and on geochemical and geophysical
            targets related to fields of highly radioactive boulders (up to 55%
            uranium oxide - news release of 14th September 2006) identified in
            earlier exploration reports.
        -  Drilling is also planned of conductors within possible alteration
            targets identified on the Hook Lake claims covering several
            structures including the northern extension of the uraniferous
            Derkson Structure;
        -  Phase one work in the Cree Project areas, including airborne
            geophysical surveys (now underway) and ground surveys will be carried
            out by MPH Consulting Ltd. This work will generate data for drill
            target definition. Evaluation of exploration reports filed in the
            70's and 80's by competent explorers such as the former Uranerz have
            already enabled ESO to identify several favourable geochemical and
            geophysical domains that have been selected for follow-up work.@@end@@

    To view a map of the project, please click on the following link:

    The Athabasca Basin currently produces almost 30% of the world's uranium supply from the world's richest mines. The geopolitical setting of the Province of Saskatchewan is recognized to be the best jurisdiction in the World for uranium exploration and mine development. This is the result of the long term experience of the Province with the Nuclear Industry.

    Government, industry and other stakeholders have diligently taken the opportunity to educate each other to understand the real nature and benefits of the business. The active uranium mines employ a high percentage of  Northern Saskatchewan residents in their labour force and this population  group has also been involved during each of the previous uranium exploration  booms. There is a substantial and informed workforce available within the  Province for the exploration and development of uranium projects.

    The technical support from government and provincial organizations such as Saskatchewan Research Council affords key scientific infrastructure to assist industry in the difficult task of locating the next generation of very valuable resources in the Athabasca Basin.

    For reference, the current spot price of uranium is US$85 per pound of U(3)O(8); An assay reported as 1.0% of U(3)O(8) is equal to 20 pounds of uranium oxide per short ton - the conversion of percent metal or metal oxide from percent to pounds per short ton is done by multiplying the percent value by 20.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of ESO Uranium Corp.

    "Ben Ainsworth"

    Vice President, Exploration

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