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Clariden Leu unveils its brand

Clariden Leu unveils its brand
The pictorial element of the brand - the stylized, red-colored lion looking to the right - underscores the dynamism of Clariden Leu and its innovative, forward-looking aspect. Texte complémentaire par ots. L'utilisation de cette image est pour des buts redactionnels gratuite. Reproduction sous indication de source: "obs/Clariden Leu"

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The management of the new Swiss private bank Clariden Leu has reached a key milestone on the road to the planned merger in January 2007: today, they are presenting the new brand.

    Zurich (ots) - At the end of April 2006, Credit Suisse announced that its four private banks and Credit Suisse Fides would merge in January 2007 to form Clariden Leu. The new logo presented today symbolizes the brand and highlights the positioning of what will be the fifth-largest private bank in the Swiss market.

    The Clariden Leu name builds on two strong brands - Clariden Bank and Bank Leu - which are already well established in the market and enjoy high levels of international recognition. As an independent private bank within the Credit Suisse Group, Clariden Leu has a distinct presence and the culture of a dynamic, exclusive Swiss private bank with a clear client focus. This self-image is reflected in the core brand, which is founded on values that make the brand unique and position it in the market.

    Clariden Leu builds on a long tradition in private banking characterized by a noble and unmistakable style while setting new standards in client care. Individual clients with their personal needs and expectations are the focus of the bank's activities. Clariden Leu does not deal in standard solutions, but instead creates bespoke services on the basis of a precisely defined advisory process. Its advisors have access to innovative products and services that set new trends in the market and are top of their class in their respective categories. Dynamism and innovation in product development are the visible manifestations of Clariden Leu's exclusivity.

    The overall visual impression of the logo underpins Clariden Leu's positioning as an exclusive private bank for discerning clients. The font style and the specially created script, with its dark-blue tone, emphasize the noble side of the new private bank.

    The pictorial element of the brand - the stylized, red-colored lion looking to the right - underscores the dynamism of Clariden Leu and its innovative, forward-looking aspect. "Our new brand creates a symbol which deliberately underlines the dynamic and elegant side of Clariden Leu and gives us a unique profile - both in the market and among our staff," said F. Bernard Stalder, Designated CEO of Clariden Leu.

    The development of the new Clariden Leu organization is proceeding according to plan. As already announced, the legal merger of the five units is scheduled for January 2007, while integration of the IT platform into Credit Suisse is expected to be completed in the third quarter of next year.

    Clariden Leu Ltd, resulting from the merger of the four private banks in the Credit Suisse Group - Clariden Bank, Bank Leu, Bank Hofmann and BGP Banca di Gestione Patrimoniale - with securities dealer Credit Suisse Fides, will come into existence in January 2007, subject to the approval of the relevant bodies and entry in the commercial register. Clariden Leu will be a leading private bank offering a comprehensive and high-quality range of products and advisory services. With assets under management of some CHF 112 billion at the end of 2005, it will be the fifth-largest asset manager in the Swiss private banking industry.

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