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27.05.2008 – 13:30

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Oily fish are good for you, but there is an alternative route to Omega-3

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Herring sandwich? Mackerel soufflé? Salmon fondue? If these items don't form part of your diet, you might be missing out on something.

    That something is long-chain Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, a substance vital to good health which is found primarily in oily fish.  Consumed regularly, Omega-3 can help in the battle against a variety of degenerative conditions including thickening arteries, stiffening joints and fading eyesight.

    The long-chain Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which occur naturally in oily fish are much better for us than saturated fats. Unfortunately, saturated fats occur much more frequently in our diet than do the Omega-3 acids. And Omega-3 acids cannot be made by the body in sufficient amounts to keep us healthy.  They have to be taken in as part of our diet.

    The traditional diet of the German-speaking countries of Europe is high in meat and low in oily fish, however. The Bratwurst, the Bockwurst and all the other wonderful Wursts do us few favours when it comes to our Omega-3 intake. Nor do the lightly tossed salads, the bio-yoghurt and the hand-milled müsli which we also enjoy. The German-speaking countries have a significantly higher rate of deaths attributable to heart disease than do France, Spain, Norway and the UK. Japan, meanwhile, boasts the lowest death rate attributable to heart disease worldwide. And the inventors of sushi know a thing or two about their fish ...

    It's enough to make you reach for the nearest roll mop. Slurp down that Omega-3! Alternatively, you can always consider taking your daily Omega-3 in the form of dietary supplements or fortified foods. Which leaves you entirely free to make your own choice between that sizzling Bratwurst and that delicately tossed salad ...

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