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Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership to Supply Retailer Whole Foods Market With Innovative 'Consumer-Friendly' Lobster Products

    Bedford, Canada (ots/PRNewswire) - Whole Foods Market has recently announced they intend to focus their sales of lobster produce lines on humanely produced raw and cooked frozen lobster products and that Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership ("Clearwater") is the only supplier that meets their strict procurement criteria.

    Colin MacDonald commented "We share many of the same core values as Whole Foods Market, a commitment to resource sustainability, a healthy ecosystem, a deep respect for the lobster and in fact all the foodstuff we consume and a passion for maximizing customer satisfaction though the delivery of top quality products. We feel this is a great opportunity to offer Whole Foods Market customers a whole new lobster eating experience.

    Mr. MacDonald continued "Whole Foods Market" shoppers don't have to trade off quality, taste and texture or the fresh cooked lobster experience as they switch from 'live' to Clearwater's "new super fresh raw frozen" lobster offerings. Clearwater's innovative shell off raw lobster meat is being launched into the retail trade and Whole Foods Market is among the first of North American retailers to make it available to their customers. The Process to remove the shell is 100% natural and humane and it does not involve any additives or preservatives. It allows whole claws and tail to be extracted and immediately vacuum packed and flash-frozen to lock in that 'fresh-caught' taste and texture. The format has been available to the food service industry for over a year. Chefs love it for the labor and time savings. It has created the opportunity to serve innovative and high quality lobster preparations at both small and large catering and banquet functions without the fuss and bother of extended cooking and shucking times."

    "Consumers now can prepare and enjoy lobster the same way professional chefs do. After thawing, Clearwater raw lobster meat can be poached, sauteed, grilled, or cooked sous vide in a matter of 4 to 6 minutes. Lobster dishes can now be prepared to the cook's desired consistency", stated Mr. MacDonald

    Mr. MacDonald concluded "We've been in this business for 30 years and we appreciate our customers desire for both convenience and the enjoyment of innovative products that bring them the taste, texture and overall eating experience of super fresh seafood and that is what we excel at as people And as a company." We have grown and survived a very tough industry because We have been innovators in the industry and we have always strived to deliver a unique value proposition to our customers. From our very beginning as a seafood company we employed biologists to guide our understanding of each of our products. Through dedicated and ongoing research and effort we've become the leader in lobster life cycle management. We store our lobsters in a Clearwater designed biologically sensitive system, which mimics the lobster's natural over wintering habitat. I know that our customers will continue to challenge us and I will personally guarantee that Clearwater will continue to innovate to exceed their expectations."

    About Clearwater

    Clearwater is recognized for its consistent quality, wide diversity and reliable delivery of premium seafood, including scallops, lobster, clams, cold water shrimp, crab and groundfish.

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