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28.02.2019 – 16:44


MED-EL Study Shows That a Quarter of Adults Have Never Had Their Hearing Checked

London (ots/PRNewswire)

BRITS are the worst in the world for having their hearing tested, a major study reveals. Almost half (46%) have NEVER had their ears checked, compared to just 11% in Russia and 19% in the US.

In an international study of 11,000 adults across the globe, the UK has ranked the worst at having their hearing checked. The research, commissioned by MED-EL ( to mark World Hearing Day (3rd March), found that overall, one quarter of adults had never had their hearing checked, although there were strong variations between countries.

% that had never
had their hearing
Country        checked
1   UK               46%
2   Mexico           42%
3   Italy            35%
4   Egypt            30%
5   UAE              30%
6   France           25%
7   Austria          24%
8   Germany          24%
9   Argentina        22%
10  US               19%
11  China            12%
12  Russia           11% 

When asked what were the most important things to get checked regularly by a medical professional there were consistently few mentions of hearing from all territories. Globally the UK placed the least amount of importance on their hearing health. China was quite the opposite and an exception with a quarter (24%) saying it was the most important thing for them.

This lack of regard for hearing health was despite concerns over the effects of hearing loss across all 13 countries surveyed. Overall, social isolation (31%) was the most common, followed by frustration at communication difficulties (26%), personal safety (18%) and feelings of inadequacy in everyday interactions (13%).

When asked what people would miss the most if they were to lose their hearing, it was revealed in every country surveyed, to be "the voices of family members" by around two thirds of respondents in each case (65% overall). This was followed by the radio and music which was generally considered the second most important, mentioned by 41% of respondents overall.

Patrick D´Haese, Director of Corp. Comms & Public Affairs at MED-EL says: "Our hearing ability is so important, it enables us to communicate, build relationships, converse and share our feelings. There needs to be a cultural shift when it comes to hearing check-ups. You wouldn't go years without visiting a dentist or optician, so why have so many adults never had a hearing test?"

Leading hearing solutions provider MED-EL is encouraging everyone around the globe to get their hearing checked this World Hearing Day and to seek advice on the common every day behaviours that long term, can impair our hearing ability.

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For more information please contact Patrick D´Haese (mobile: T: +32473719736, or Kat Adams +44 (0)207-100-0850