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09.12.2020 – 10:55

AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG

EANS-News: AGRANA: Weekly rapid coronavirus tests for employees prove their worth

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AGRANA Executive Board Member Harringer: ?As a food manufacturer and part of the
critical infrastructure, we embrace our responsibility by implementing
comprehensive coronavirus protection measures.?

Company Information

Vienna - At AGRANA, our two top priorities are the health of our employees and
the ability to deliver our products. Since the end of October, the company has
been carrying out voluntary rapid coronavirus tests twice a week at all Austrian
sites in order to protect employees and ensure the continuity of our production
and supply as far as possible.

We are using COVID-19 antibody tests, which are also regularly carried out by
the Samaritan Workers' Federation, the Red Cross and the Green Cross. They
indicate within minutes whether a person is in the contagious phase of a COVID-
19 infection. This means that they are very likely to find highly infectious
individuals who pose a risk to their environment, possibly without experiencing
any coronavirus symptoms themselves. If a rapid test is positive, a PCR test is
performed as a follow-up for verification. The experience of the last six weeks
has shown that 96% of the rapid test results have been confirmed. The
introduction of the rapid tests has meant that more asymptomatic cases have been
identified than previously, which has successfully prevented the virus from
spreading in the company.

"These rapid coronavirus tests are very reliable and form a vital aspect of our
hygiene and safety concepts because they enable possible chains of infection in
the company to be interrupted at an early stage. Our coronavirus protection
measures are an expression of our responsibility as a food manufacturer and part
of the critical infrastructure. Being able to continue production ensures the
supply of our products to the population while safeguarding the jobs of our
employees," says AGRANA Executive Board member and COVID crisis manager Dr.
Norbert Harringer.

AGRANA Central Works Council Chairman Thomas Buder also supports the company
management's initiative and emphasizes that "the rapid coronavirus tests carried
out by AGRANA are important, they are widely accepted by our employees and
increase their sense of safety."

Since the coronavirus tests only provide a temporary snapshot, they are carried
out regularly and they supplement the other protection measures implemented in
the company. Since the spring, AGRANA has implemented a broad package of
coronavirus measures at its sites, including special safety measures like
contactless shift handovers, the physical separation of workstations, a
reduction in the number of external companies on site, strict guidelines for the
use of social rooms and the compulsory wearing of facial masks. At AGRANA in
Austria, 15 of our approx. 2,000 employees are currently infected with COVID-19.


AGRANA converts agricultural raw materials into high-quality foods and numerous
industrial intermediate products. About 9,400 employees at 56 production
facilities worldwide generate annual Group revenue of around EUR 2.5 billion.
The Group was founded in 1988, is the global leader in fruit preparations and
also a major producer of fruit juice concentrates in Europe as well as being a
key manufacturer of customised potato, corn and wheat starch products as well as
bioethanol in its Starch segment. AGRANA is one of the leading sugar companies
in Central and Eastern Europe.

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