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AGRANA harvested record results in 2011|12; Dividend increase to EUR 3.60 per share

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annual result

Wien (euro adhoc) - - Strong revenue growth, driven by all three segments
- Underlying business continues to deliver sound growth
- Extraordinary expansion in Sugar and Starch operating profit thanks to
  favourable market conditions
- Investment and optimisation measures for sustained growth  
- Outlook: 
  - moderate increase in revenue 
  - exceptionally good 2011|12 earnings have set the bar high for 2012|13

AGRANA, the sugar, starch and fruit products manufacturer, grew revenue by 19%
in the 2011|12 financial year to a historic high of EUR 2,577.6 million.
Pre-exceptionals operating profit soared 80.7% to EUR 232.4 million. The revenue
growth in all three segments reflected favourable market trends in the Sugar,
Starch and Fruit businesses. The exceptionally powerful operating profit growth
was driven by the Sugar and Starch segments.

Net financial items amounted to a net expense of EUR 24.7 million (prior year:
net expense of EUR 19.0 million), reflecting mainly the fact that the higher
financing requirement for the business-driven increase in working capital meant
a deterioration in the net interest component. After a tax expense of EUR 50.6
million (corresponding to an effective tax rate of 24.5%), the Group's profit
for the period was EUR 155.7 million (prior year: EUR 87.1 million). The profit
for the period attributable to AGRANA's shareholders grew to EUR 152.4 million
(prior year: EUR 84.9 million); earnings per share were thus EUR 10.73 (prior
year: EUR 5.98).

AGRANA continued to possess a robust capital structure at the end of the 2011|12
financial year. As a result of a strong increase in total assets, the equity
ratio decreased from 48.4% to 45.4% despite an improvement in equity. The
gearing ratio of net debt to equity rose to 43.7% on higher financing
requirements for working capital (prior year: 39.7%).

AGRANA - IFRS results 

                         Q4 2011|12   Q4 2010|11    FY 2011|12   FY 2010|11(1)
Revenue                 EUR 625.4 m  EUR 541.5 m  EUR 2,577.6 m  EUR 2,165.9 m
Operating profit before
exceptional items       EUR  33.7 m  EUR  23.8 m  EUR   232.4 m  EUR   128.6 m
Operating margin before
exceptional items             5.4 %        4.4 %         9.0 %          5.9 %
Profit before tax       EUR  39.6 m  EUR  25.2 m  EUR   206.3 m  EUR   109.7 m
Profit for the period   EUR  26.0 m  EUR  22.1 m  EUR   155.7 m  EUR    87.1 m
Earnings per share      EUR   1.83   EUR   1.55   EUR    10.73   EUR     5.98
Purchases of property,
plant and equipment and
intangibles (2)         EUR  34.4 m  EUR  27.9 m  EUR    97.1 m  EUR    55.9 m
Staff count (average)                                     7,982          8,243

(1) Prior year has been restated to reflect a retrospective change in accounting
policy concerning IAS 19 (Employee Benefits).

(2) Excluding goodwill.

AGRANA Chief Executive Officer Johann Marihart says: "AGRANA has achieved highly
attractive results, thanks primarily to the previous years' optimisation
measures and to focused investment in a benign market setting. We anticipated
the volatile market movements well and were thus able to respond to them
rapidly. Given the greatly improved earnings per share, to maintain AGRANA's
consistent dividend policy the Management Board will propose to the Annual
General Meeting on 2 July to increase the dividend from EUR 2.40 to EUR 3.60 per

Sugar segment

                          Q4 2011|12   Q4 2010|11   FY 2011|12   FY 2010|11
Revenue                  EUR 193.0 m  EUR 153.0 m  EUR 884.4 m  EUR 713.1 m
Operating profit
before exceptional items EUR  18.0 m  EUR   7.8 m  EUR 112.3 m  EUR  33.8 m
Operating margin
before exceptional items       9.3 %        5.1 %       12.7 %        4.7 %

Revenue in the Sugar segment grew by 24.0% in the 2011|12 financial year, to EUR
884.4 million (prior year: EUR 713.1 million). The segment's operating profit of
EUR 112.3 million before exceptional items was much higher than the previous
year's result of EUR 33.8 million. The key contributing factors were the
quantities of non-quota sugar available, the timely sourcing of raw sugar in the
world market, vigorous marketing, and agility in reacting to changing market

Starch segment 
                          Q4 2011|12   Q4 2010|11   FY 2011|12   FY 2010|11
Revenue                  EUR 176.8 m  EUR 158.6 m  EUR 764.3 m  EUR 583.2 m
Operating profit
before exceptional items EUR  13.7 m  EUR   4.7 m  EUR  81.9 m  EUR  48.2 m
Operating margin
before exceptional items       7.7 %        3.0 %       10.7 %        8.3 %

The segment revenue growth of 31.1% in 2011|12 to EUR 764.3 million (prior year:
EUR 583.2 million) resulted largely from greater sales volumes in all major
groups of core and by-products. The operating profit of EUR 81.9 million before
exceptional items represented a marked rise from the prior-year result of EUR
48.2 million. The higher selling prices for all core products more than made up
for the increase in commodity input prices. In bioethanol, both sales prices and
volumes exceeded the year-earlier level.

Fruit segment 

                          Q4 2011|12   Q4 2010|11   FY 2011|12   FY 2010|11
Revenue                  EUR 255.5 m  EUR 229.9 m  EUR 928.9 m  EUR 869.6 m
Operating profit
before exceptional items EUR   2.0 m  EUR  11.3 m  EUR  38.2 m  EUR  46.7 m
Operating margin
before exceptional items       0.8 %        4.9 %        4.1 %        5.4 %

Revenue in the Fruit segment increased by 6.8% in the 2011|12 financial year to
a new total of EUR 928.9 million (prior year: EUR 869.6 million). The operating
profit of EUR 38.2 million before exceptional items did not reach the prior-year
level of EUR 46.7 million. While the result in fruit  juice concentrates was
satisfactory, volume reductions and (owing to raw material costs) lower margins
in fruit preparations led to the decrease in segment operating profit.


After the exceptionally good results of 2011|12, earnings in 2012|13 are
predicted to come in slightly below last year's. AGRANA believes it is also
well-positioned for the new financial year and expects solid earnings in all
business segments.

AGRANA is making it a high priority to realise lasting cost savings and thus
achieve a sustained, elevated level of earnings, through ongoing optimisation of
purchasing strategies and cost management as well as focused improvements in
energy consumption.

Currently AGRANA expects a further moderate increase in Group revenue in 2012|13
on overall slight volume growth and higher average prices than last year. In
terms of operating profit, however, it will be difficult to surpass 2011|12.

Continuing the trend reversal begun in 2011|12, capital expenditure in the
current new financial year is to increase and will significantly exceed
depreciation. Total investment will reach about EUR 140 million in 2012|13 to
continue to buttress the Group's lasting growth. 

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English at

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