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Solianis Monitoring AG participates in the pioneering EU-project REACTION for improved diabetes management

    Zürich (ots) - Solianis Monitoring AG is an important project partner in the development of REACTION, a professional service platform for doctors, caregivers and patients to improve the long term management of diabetes.

    The objective of the project is to improve glucose control in insulin requiring patients with diabetes by combining continuous glucose monitoring with intelligent Information and Communication Technology. It is funded by the European Union under the Framework 7 program with a total budget of E 11 Mio. The continuous glucose monitoring systems will connect various hospitals and advanced mathematical systems through a wireless network to assess patients' conditions and provide therapy recommendations. These integrated services aim to assist healthcare professionals, non-professional caretakers  and patients in successful disease management  in order to improve the long term outcome for patients with diabetes. Solianis will support the platform with its know-how  and its non- invasive continous glucose monitoring system. "We are very excited to engage in this project," says Mario Stark, CEO of Solianis. "This cooperation gives us the opportunity not only to leverage the advanced communication capabilities of our innovative system but also to get closer to our main goal of improving the quality of life of patients with diabetes."

    Solianis Monitoring AG is a Swiss medical device company developing an innovative non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring system for people with diabetes, their relatives and health care professionals. Its unique and proprietary technology is integrated in a Multisensor Glucose Monitoring System which continuously delivers information on glucose variations.

    REACTION stands for "Remote Accessibility to Diabetes Management and Therapy in Operational Healthcare Networks" and is a 4-years research project funded by the European Commission as part of the 7th Framework Program on Personal Health Systems. Read more about the project on .

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Micaela Wochner        
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Mario Stark        
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Mobile: +41/79/542'88'74        

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