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04.05.2009 – 07:26

Plambeck Neue Energien AG

EANS-News: Plambeck Neue Energien AG achieves leap in results in the 1st quarter of 2009

Cuxhaven (euro adhoc) -

• EBIT improved to 7.2 mill. Euro (previous year: 1.2 mill. Euro) 
Earning before tax (EBT) of 5.3 mill. Euro achieved (previous year: 
0.6 mill. Euro) 
 • Showing per share rose to 0.12 Euro (following 
0.01 Euro in the previous year's period)
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companies/finances/Quarterly report
Cuxhaven, May 4, 2009 - The wind-farm planner
Plambeck Neue Energien AG has completed the first quarter of the 2009
fiscal year successfully. Compared with the previous year's period, 
the overall performance was increased by around 212% from 28.4 mill. 
Euro to 88.9 mill. Euro as per March 31, 2009. In the operational 
results (EBIT), the decisive characteristic for a wind-farm planner, 
the company also achieved a considerable rise to a new figure of 7.2 
mill. Euro following 1.2 mill. Euro in the previous year's period. In
this way, Plambeck Neue Energien AG achieved earning before taxes 
(EBT) to the amount of 5.3 mill. Euro and was thus able to exceed the
previous year's result of 0.6 mill. Euro quite clearly. All told, the
group profits as per March 31, 2009, amounted to around 5.2 mill. 
Euro (previous year: 0.6 mill. Euro). This corresponds to an 
undiluted showing per share of 0.12 Euro (previous year: 0.01 Euro).
The reason for the positive development of Plambeck Neue Energien AG 
in the first quarter of 2009 is the clear growth in the central 
business of wind-farm projecting. In the first three months of the 
present fiscal year, a total of five wind-farms were completed and 
taken into operation. A total of 42 wind-energy systems with a total 
output of 84 MW were set up at the Buchholz, Calau, Langwedel, Leddin
and Schwienau II locations.
Martin Billhardt, Chairman of the Board of Plambeck Neue Energien AG,
sees a confirmation of the company's course in the figures. "The good
figures are the pleasing result of our successful work in the 
previous years; after all, the development of a wind-farm takes up a 
period of three to five years. Our employees have done a very good 
job." The Board of Directors sees a further success factor in the 
business model. "Against the background of the Renewable Energies 
Act, which was amended at the start of 2009, wind energy provides 
attractive income which can be planned in the long term - especially 
in the current phase of the economy, an important sales argument. On 
the basis of this quarterly result we confirm our prognosis on the 
EBIT of 29 to 33 mill. Euro in fiscal year 2009." In the first 
half-year, it is above all the completion of optimised onshore 
wind-farms which contributes to the business success.
An extensive overview of the results of the first quarter of 2009 is 
provided by the quarterly report of the company, published today, 
which is available under in the Investor Relations sector.
Corporate profile
Plambeck Neue Energien AG with its headquarters in Cuxhaven plans and
implements wind farm projects on land (onshore) and at sea 
(offshore). The key competence of the company is the development, 
projecting, implementation and financing of wind farms and their 
operation and sale with subsequent service. Up to now, the enterprise
has set up 90 wind farms with 524 wind-energy systems and a total 
nominal output of 741 MW.
Alongside the business activity on the established German market, the
company is increasingly expanding into dynamic growth markets. Via 
joint ventures, Plambeck Neue Energien AG is already represented in 
Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Great Britain, Ireland and Romania. In 
these countries, wind farm projects with a nominal output of up to 
1,430 MW are under development and are to be realized in the medium 
term. Furthermore a subsidiary is founded in the USA. In Germany 
(onshore) wind farm projects with a nominal output of more than 300 
MW are under development.
Over and above this, Plambeck Neue Energien AG develops offshore wind
farm projects, of which two major projects in German waters have 
already been approved. Entry to promising foreign markets is also 
being examined for the offshore area.
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