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Sports related tooth loss is not a badge of honor for everyone

      Glattbrugg (ots) - In the sport of ice hockey, every match forces
players to deal with blood, sweat and tears. The lucky ones even win
a national championship or two, which they promote with pride. They
also wear their missing teeth with honor badges of courage for their
fighting spirit. Teeth lost in the battle of sport.

    But, for the many who are active in biking, horse-back riding, roller-skating or other sporting events, loosing one or more teeth due to an unfortunate accident is not always seen as a badge of honor. It represents pain, discomfort and an immediate self-consciousness that can lead to a lack of self-confidence, if left untreated.

    There are various traditional solutions for replacing missing teeth - they range from bridges that are connected to adjacent teeth using metal to bridges permanently fixed on adjacent teeth with cement or bonding after grinding them to fit an artificial crown. These solutions provide a fix to the problem, but neither one provides the stability and natural luster of a real tooth.

    Today, all over the world millions of sports enthusiasts lose one or several teeth during their sporting activities, and many of them turn to implants to fill the gaps. Modern esthetic dentistry has made it possible to replace missing teeth, including the root and white crown with a dental implant and an all-ceramic crown. This combination mimics a real tooth and its root and makes it possible for victims of sports related tooth loss to once again enjoy the food they once did and the active lifestyle they are used to living.

    Nobel Biocare, a leader in modern esthetic dentistry, has created a patient website with general information on dental implants and all-ceramic crowns for everyone seeking the best solution to the problems arising from missing teeth.

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