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Financial Figures/Balance Sheet
Eybl International AG confirms preliminary figures for the trading year 2007/08

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annual report


- Revenue totalled EUR 294 million in trading year 2007/08. - Net losses came to EUR 45.9 million. - Initial restructuring measures already successfully implemented

Krems, 18 August 2008.

Eybl International AG (ISIN: AT0000908157) - an internationally respected manufacturer of components for automotive interiors, specialising in the production of car textiles and the manufacture of seat upholstery in fabric and leather, with around 4,100 employees at nine production locations in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Germany and Slovakia - has released its key accounting figures for the trading year 2007/08.

In the trading year 2007/08 Eybl posted revenue of EUR 294.1 million, corresponding to a drop of about 12% compared to the previous year (EUR 332.8 Mio.). The key factor precipitating this decline was the uncertain financial situation of the company which let customers only restrainedly place orders. The largest decreases were registered in revenues generated by the following customers: VW/Audi (EUR -19.1 Mio.) and Daimler AG (EUR -13.9 Mio.).

Breaking down revenue according to technology shows minor shifts in a year-on-year comparison with manufacturing accounting for 63.3% (previous year: 65.7%), textile surfaces 24.2% (previous year: 23.5%) and interiors 12.5% (previous year: 10.8%).

Financial growth

The difficult financial situation of the company starting from the end of 2007 resulted repeatedly in key suppliers imposing suspensions of delivery, which impacted negatively on the company's just-in-time production and supply processes. Consequently, significant costs (approximately EUR -11 million) were incurred due to the necessity of special trips and inefficiencies (productivity deviations, additional shifts) in order to meet supply obligations.

The sharp drop in revenues compared to the previous year (EUR -38.7 million) and the insufficient reduction of the company's fixed costs to offset the losses combined to put a considerable strain on the company´s balance sheet.

In addition, re-evaluations resulted in impairment losses in the company's working capital of around EUR 6.8 million (inventories: EUR 2.8 million, trade accounts receivable: EUR 2.5 million, trade accounts payable EUR 1.5 million).

EBIT from the 2007/08 trading year came to EUR -35.9 million, a significant decline from EUR 7.4 million in a year-on-year comparison. The EBIT margin amounted to -12.2%, also a clear shortfall in comparison to the previous year 2006/07 (2.2%). Net losses for the  2007/08 trading year reached EUR -45.9 (compared to a net profit of EUR 1.5 million in the 2006/07 trading year).

The balance sheet total as at 31 March 2008, fell considerably due to the reduction of fixed assets from EUR 232.9 million (as at 31 March 2007) to EUR 228.1 million. Equity ratio came to 2.7% (previous year: 23.2%).

Success on the German automobile market

The Eybl Group's incoming orders in its 2007/08 trading year came to EUR 212 million. The negative development was chiefly attributable to the drop in prices on the market that Eybl could not pass on, at least in part, to its customers who for their part focused on significant cost-cutting measures as well. Also a factor were performance problems in quality, production and supply as a result of the difficult economic situation the Eybl group found itself in.

However, the Eybl Group was still able to land numerous international orders in its most recent trading year, making it possible for the company to equip nearly every current AUDI model and to produce around 50% of the textile volume for the AUDI Q5. Eybl was also able to obtain the future-oriented contract for the new VW Passat Coupé and will be responsible, in conjunction with the VW subsidiary SITECH, for developing and manufacturing all of the textiles for that make car. Eybl's cooperation with SEAT also developed very successfully.

In this way, Eybl secured a EUR 35 million order for manufacturing of the high-quality seats featuring comfort leather "Klimaleder" for a new model made by a Southern German automobile manufacturer. This luxury seat upholstery was designed in close cooperation with the competent departments of the car maker in question, whereby the Eybl technology "virtual reality" proved once again to be the decisive factor for the company's success. By landing this order, Eybl International successfully added another chapter to its cooperation with the Germany premium manufacturer after having successfully equipped the M class series 3.

As at 31 March 2008, the Eybl Group's order volume came to approximately EUR 900 million.

Serious commitment from the key shareholder

In the context of the agreements reached in 2008 to restructure the Eybl Group, the key shareholder, the Fries Familien-Privatstiftung private foundation, injected EUR 32.4 million in capital into the company, making a sizable contribution toward securing the future of the Eybl Group.

This will enable the company to position itself on the market once again as a reliable partner for automobile manufacturers.

Optimistic outlook despite difficult situation

Based on the findings resulting from the preparation of the annual statements for the 2007/08 trading year, the new management team at Eybl International AG, made up of the two members of the board Otto Zwanzigleitner (CEO) and Peter Löschl, as well as Markus Gahleitner as CFO and Anton Glockner as Head of Operations, has defined the following operative objectives as the central areas for action in the 2008/09 trading year:

- Stabilising and optimising productivity in the operative areas. This concerns productivity, internal quality and a structured net working capital management; - Full commitment to implement process orientation in all direct and indirect areas, coupled with active change management; - Restructuring and reinforcing of the Internal Control System ("IKS") in the Eybl Group; - Active indirect cost management in order to achieve a corresponding cost structure for a revenue volume from EUR 350 million to EUR 380 million; - Implementing the capital restructuring package finalised on 25 June 2008, with the objective of reducing the company's financial liabilities from EUR 134 million to approximately EUR 60 million, disposing of assets not essential to business operations and achieving an equity ratio of around 40%.

According to CEO Otto Zwanzigleitner, on the strategic level Eybl plans to tackle the following areas: - Increasing value-added depth by extending processes in a targeted way within the context of vertical integration; - Concentrating on core markets with a focus on opening up new customer areas within the context of horizontal integration; - Eybl is to differentiate itself from its competition vis-à-vis its customers by strengthening its one-group advantage and by focusing on its design competence in textile surfaces; - With its already well-established "virtual reality" Eybl will play a decisive role in designing seats together with automobile manufacturers and system suppliers in the future; - Eybl plans to take over a leadership position in costs and in time-to-market competence; - Eybl is to define partnerships with customers and suppliers as a core element in a long-term success strategy; - The company as "Eybl New" intends to be among the best in its field and the focus of Eybl International AG is on customer satisfaction as a long-term key indicator for the managing of the company; - Eybl International AG is also planning to develop a new effective organisational structure for purchasing and, together with suppliers, will set new standards with the aim of establishing itself in the short-term as a sought-after partner on the market.

After the initial measures have been rolled out, the management team expects the quality and productivity situation to stabilise starting from the third quarter of the 2008/09 trading year. The management team is subsequently planning to advise key customers during regular top-level customer visits with respect to progress in the restructuring of the company.

Key operating figures:

2007/08              2006/07
Revenue (in EUR mn)                                              294.1                 332.8
EBIT (in EUR mn)                                                  -35.9                 7.4
EBIT margin (in %)                                                -12.2                 2.2
EBITDA (in EUR mn)                                                -15.4                 23.7
EBITDA margin (in %)                                            -5.2                  7.1
Earnings from normal operations (in EUR mn)        -44.8                 0.7
Net loss/profit (in EUR mn)                                 -45.9                 1.5
Balance sheet total (in EUR mn)                          228.1                 232.9
Equity ratio (in %)                                              2.7                    23.2
Return on capital employed / ROCE (in %)            -12.4                 5.6
Headcount (average)                                              4.060                 4.199
Dividend per share (in EUR)                                 0.00                  0.20
Earnings per share (in EUR)                                 -12.76                0.41
Order volume (in EUR mn)                                      212                    311

Changes to the balance sheet date

Unlike under Austrian law, which applies to the financial statements of Eybl International AG, the increase in capital stock cannot be reported in the group financial statements, which are drawn up according to IFRS, until the respective resolution has been taken and entered into the Commercial Register. So that the restructured group accounts may be documented as quickly as possible, it is necessary to prepare the next annual report with minimal delay and thus to move the balance sheet date from 31 March to 30 September.

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