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15.05.2013 – 08:01

Rosenbauer International AG

EANS-Adhoc: Rosenbauer International AG
Increase in revenue by 34% despite adverse market environment
EBIT with 3.7 Mio EUR at previous year's level / Record order intake of 274.8 Mio EUR
Growth trajectory being maintained in 2013

  ad-hoc disclosure transmitted by euro adhoc with the aim of a Europe-wide
  distribution. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this
Financial Figures/Balance Sheet/quarterly report

Group key data                            1-3/2013   1-3/2012   Change in %
Revenue                            Mio EUR      154.8   115.6   + 34%
EBIT                               Mio EUR      3.7     3.7     0%
EBT                                Mio EUR      3.4     4.6     (26%)
Net profit for the period          Mio EUR      1.2     3.8     (68%)
Cash flow from operation activitiesMio EUR     (31.3)  (32.3)  -
Total assets                      Mio EUR       462.3   393.0   18%
Equity in % of total assets                     35.7%   38.3%   
Investments                       Mio EUR       5.2     2.0     160%
Earnings per share                  EUR         0.1     0.4     (75%)
Employees as at 31.3.                          2,456    2,195   12%
Order intake                      Mio EUR      274.8   154.7   78%
Order backlog as at 31.3.         Mio EUR      707.0   734.2   (4%)

The Rosenbauer Group posted consolidated revenues of 154.8 Mio EUR in the 1st
quarter of 2013, 34% up year-on-year (1-3/2012: 115.6 Mio EUR). Both the parent
company in Leonding, Austria and the Group's companies in the USA were
successful in raising their revenues.

At 3.7 Mio EUR, EBIT for the 1st quarter of 2013 equals to the figure for the
corresponding period of last year (1-3/2012: 3.7 Mio EUR). To ensure our ability
to deal with the planned production volumes, the capacity-expansion measures
initiated last year have been continued in preparation for the increased pace of
shipments expected towards the year-end. Due to the lower fixed-cost coverage
resulting from the seasonal pattern of product shipments, the EBIT margin of
2.4% in the 1st quarter was still below the average level of previous financial
years. The 'Finance cost' of - 1.2 Mio EUR was reduced (1-3/2012: - 0.6 Mio
EUR), and the 'Result of joint ventures' fell to 0.9 Mio EUR (1-3/2012: 1.5 Mio
EUR) due to reduced earnings from the joint venture in Russia. EBT for the first
quarter came to 3.4 Mio EUR (1-3/2012: 4.6 Mio EUR).

The Group's order intake rose yet again, reaching a record high of 274.8 Mio EUR
in the 1st quarter (1-3/2012: 154.7 Mio EUR). This is largely due to a follow-up
order from Saudi Arabia. At 707.0 Mio EUR, the reserve of unfilled orders at
March 31, 2013 is at a comparable level to the previous year (March 31, 2012:
734.2 Mio EUR), thanks to the healthy order trend of recent months. This gives
the Rosenbauer Group assured capacity utilization at its manufacturing
facilities, and a fairly clear view of the likely course of revenues for the
rest of this year.

Rosenbauer is set to continue along the growth track of recent years in 2013.
The large reserve of unfilled orders, the good outlook for project business and
the expansion of its production capacity should all permit further growth. These
fundamentals lead Management to expect that the company may break the 700 Mio
EUR revenue barrier this year.

However, the high level of investment in the company's future, and the ever
fiercer price competition on the market, are weighing on the EBIT margin. The
additions to production space, and an optimisation program launched at the
Leonding site in 2012, will counter this margin trend. Management is aiming here
for an improvement upon the EBIT margin of 6.0% attained in 2012.

Further inquiry note:
Rosenbauer International AG
Mag. Gerda Königstorfer
Tel.: 0732/6794-568

end of announcement                               euro adhoc 

issuer:      Rosenbauer International AG
             Paschingerstrasse 90
             A-4060 Leonding
phone:       +43(0)732 6794 568
FAX:         +43(0)732 6794 89
mail:     ir@rosenbauer.com
WWW:      www.rosenbauer.com
sector:      Machine Manufacturing
ISIN:        AT0000922554
indexes:     WBI, ATX Prime
stockmarkets: free trade: Berlin, Stuttgart, official market: Wien 
language:   English

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