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Interim Statement Q3 2011

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KTM heading for record
Previous year`s profit already exceeded in the first three quarters of 2011 

Mattighofen, 4.11.2011

Turnover 397.9 million EUR (+12% compared to previous year); sales 59,847
motorcycles (+20% compared to previous year)

Despite a still volatile motorcycle market in Europe and the USA, KTM managed to
increase turnover to 397.9 million EUR (+ 11.6% compared to previous year) and
sales to 59,847 motorcycles (+20.2% compared to previous year) in the first nine
months of 2011 (Q3 2011).

"Due to the success of the Duke 125 and the new Enduro Competition generation
the net profit generated in the first three quarters of 2011 already exceeds the
net profit from last year´s 12-months reference period. KTM´s market share in
Europe increased by one third (32.6%) to 5.7% compared to previous year",
explains Stefan Pierer, Chairman of the Executive Board of KTM Power Sports AG. 

EBIT 27.3 million EUR (+20% compared to previous year); net profit 18.8 million
EUR (+34% compared to previous year)

In the first nine months of 2011 (Q3 2011) KTM achieved an EBITDA of 52.2
million EUR (+11.8% compared to previous year) and an EBIT of 27.3 million EUR
(+19.7 million compared to previous year). The net profit increased by 33.8% to
18.8 million EUR. This earnings increase results from improvements in efficiency
in all areas and lower financing cost. 

Successful product launch 
# 1 in European registration statistics - 125 ccm

After the successful launch of the Duke 125 in spring 2011 - the first street
motorcycle in cooperation with Bajaj - the Duke tops the European registration
statistics in the 125 ccm segment since June 2011 nonstop.

The increase in the Enduro Competition segment, KTM´s most important product
segment, results from the successful market supply with the new model family
since June 2011. In this segment KTM is the global market leader with over
30,000 motorcycles sold p.a.

Human resources development: 1.762 employees (+10% compared to previous year)

KTM´s staff increased by approximately 170 employees (+9.8% compared to previous
year) - mainly in the areas of research & development, distribution and emerging
markets - due to the sales increase and the consequently considerable production
increase at the site in Mattighofen.
In the apprentices´ training shop - an important field for KTM to train its own
specialists - 24 new apprentices started in September; currently almost 80
apprentices are trained there.


The cooperation with Bajaj on the development of new street models with less
engine capacity (125 ccm to 350 ccm) for the global distribution (Europe, USA
and emerging markets) proceeds according to schedule. The Duke 200 is the next
model developed from this cooperation that will be launched worldwide in the
coming year and will set new standards for KTM. 
Besides activities for the market entry in Brazil, the market launch of KTM
products in Malaysia and Indonesia is planned. Bajaj will launch the KTM-Duke
200 in India in January 2012 already.

Despite a still stagnating and partially regressive market environment in Europe
and the USA, KTM expects an increase in turnover to over 500 million EUR for the
current business year. 
Thus, a considerable increase of the result compared to 2010 and an increase of
the equity ratio to over 43% will be achieved.
Result 9 months (Q3 2011)

in million EUR           Q3 2011        Q3 20102        Change absolute Change %
Turnover                   397.9           356.5                 +41.4  +11.6%
EBITDA                      52.2            46.6                  +5.6  +12,0%
EBIT                        27.3            22.8                  +4.5  +19.7%
Result after taxes          18.8            14.0                  +4.8  +34.3%
Result per share 1) (in EUR) 1.8             1.5                  +0.3  +20.0%
EBITDA Marge               13.1%           13.1%                  +0.0  +0.0%
EBIT Marge                  6.9%            6.4%                  +0.5  +7.8%

1)      Calculated on the basis of average shares in the reporting period
2)      01 January 2010 - 30 September 2010

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KTM Power Sports AG
Mag. Viktor Sigl MBA
Tel: +43 7742 6000 144
Mail to: viktor.sigl@ktm.at

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