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Synthesis Bank

Synthesis Bank launches its Easy TradingFloor: Brokerage service at competitive prices for accounts starting from USD 2,000

Geneva (ots)

Synthesis Bank, the leading Swiss online investment
bank, has recently launched the most complete, effective and
profitable trading floor on the market: Synthesis TradingFloor
Today, Synthesis Bank launches Easy TradingFloor, which offers
individual investors a trading floor approach that is simpler but
just as effective and competitive.
With an initial investment of only USD 2,000, the Easy
TradingFloor account by Synthesis Bank offers professional brokerage
services under very advantageous terms, in particular on foreign
exchange (Forex) and stock market indexes:
  • Very competitive quotations on the 16 most frequently negotiated pairs of currencies, starting from 3 pips, without commission
  • CFDs (Contracts for Difference) on stock market indexes. Fast and efficient transactions on the main indexes worldwide, with minimum commission
  • Spot transactions on gold and silver in real-time
  • TradeMaker - offered to customers who want to follow recommendations from Synthesis - announces strategies recommended by the bank. All the customer has to do is indicate the amount that it intends to invest - by clicking once - in order to enter the proposed transaction
  • Research and analysis produced by strategists from Synthesis and various big institutions
  • Newswires from reputable press agencies
  • Continual alerts from Synthesis traders in order to notify clients about information and recommendations on the market's major events and trends.
Like TradingFloor, Easy TradingFloor by Synthesis Bank enables
investors to process most financial products - in complete safety, in
real-time and 24 hours a day.
Major advantage: it is through its advice and recommendations to
investors that Synthesis Bank differentiates itself substantially
from other on-line service providers.
Another essential advantage: Because Synthesis Bank counts on the
volume of exchanges rather than on its margins, its customers benefit
from terms that cannot be equalled.
Easy TradingFloor accounts by Synthesis Bank (from USD 2,000 to
25,000) can subsequently be converted into TradingFloor accounts, in
order to benefit from the whole of Synthesis Bank's range of products
and services.
The demonstration of Easy TradingFloor by Synthesis Bank can be
downloaded - and tested free of charge for 20 days - on This demo offers a simulated Easy
TradingFloor account, with live negotiable prices.
Press contacts:
Pierre-Yves Revaz
Head of Marketing and Communication
Synthesis Bank
tel. +41/22/317'95'00
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