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Whitewater Mobile Announces nextBLAST Service for Desktop and Mobile

    New York (ots/PRNewswire) - Whitewater Mobile today launched nextBLAST, a new service that integrates mobile and fixed Internet. nextBLAST builds upon burgeoning RSS feed technology and offers access from desktop computers and mobile phones with direct delivery capabilities to mobile or e-mail.

    'nextBLAST' demonstrates a fascinating new twist on the link between web content and those who consume it, delivering text and multimedia news from original sources directly to mobile phones or personal computers. The service, accessible at nextblast.com and through the mobile network on wap.nextBLAST.com, complements content access with a variety of supporting features for mobile users such as mobile bookmarks or worldwide secure messaging.

    "nextBLAST caters to today's sophisticated and mobile lifestyle with ever increasing need to receive personalized information regardless of whether the person is at their desk or on the go. nextBLAST is distinct from e-mail and singular information dissemination services in two important ways. First, unlike other PC only browser based systems, nextBLAST allows subscribers to access and personalize the service across PC and Mobile browsing. Second, nextBLAST extends ability to receive the latest information with full content delivery to mobile phones through a variety of delivery methods," said Gregg Fenton, Whitewater Mobile's CTO. Registration with nextBLAST allows users to pick and choose from variety of content feeds and add their own personal favorites. Blogging fans can sign up to receive the latest updates from their favorite blogger. Indie fans can sign up to receive immediate samples of new songs or notifications of ticket sales and concert dates. Sports fanatics can add their favorite sports feeds and get the news when the action occurs, while the journalist and bloggers can receive up to date information on the researched topics and reach more readers with the published work.

    nextBLAST is powered by Really Simple Mobile Syndication(TM), Whitewater Mobile's technology enabling automatic reading, formatting and delivery of RSS and Atom feeds to mobile phones. Updates of the published item can be accessed via desktop or mobile browsing or received via MMS (picture messaging), SMS (text messaging), WAP Push or email. Images, audio, video clips and long articles can now be delivered to the subscriber without the expensive pre-processing to format the content to the multitudes of mobile phones.

    Whether you want to mobilize your content or access other's, read it on a desktop browser or get the latest information sent directly to you, nextBLAST is the place to simplify your life and get a blast from it.

    About Whitewater Mobile

    Whitewater Mobile is the pioneer in integration of new internet and mobile messaging technologies. Whitewater Mobile's nextBLAST service (nextBLAST.com, wap.nextblast.com) empowers users on the go to stay in control and access or receive what they want, where they want it and when they want it. Whitewater Mobile LLC (http://www.whitewatermobile.com) is a privately funded company headquartered in Great River, New York.

    Web site: http://www.whitewatermobile.com

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