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Genencor Launches High-Performance Liquid Protease With Superior Cleaning Performance

    Palo Alto, California (ots/PRNewswire) - Genencor International, Inc., announced today the availability of a state-of-the-art protease for the detergent industry worldwide, which demonstrates superior performance in a wide variety of liquid formulations. The new product incorporates Genencor's innovative technology and capabilities in developing high-performance products for the detergent industry, especially for the fast-growing Heavy Duty Liquid (HDL) Detergent segment.

    PURAFECT(R) Prime offers detergent manufacturers the opportunity to enhance cleaning performance in variable washing conditions. In tests, the new product demonstrates higher yield efficiency in heavy-duty liquid formulations, provides improved stain removal, and offers enhanced cleaning performance at low temperatures.

    -- Genencor's PURAFECT Prime product removes some of the toughest and most frequently occurring protein-based stains in laundry, such as blood, egg, milk products containing cocoa, and grass.

    -- Also, the superior efficiency of this protease offers the possibility to reach cleaning performance at lower dosage than standard proteases. This translates into equal performance at lower dosage than standard, or higher performance at equal dosage to standard. The actual impact is dependent on the HDL formulation and application conditions.

    -- In tests at Genencor and independent laboratories, the PURAFECT Prime shows improved soil removal at low temperatures ranging from 20-40 degrees C or 68-104 degrees F in typical European and North American wash conditions. This is key since an increasing number of consumers in Europe and North America are washing clothes at lower temperatures to maintain fabric quality and reduce energy consumption.

    The new product also demonstrates a significant improvement in storage stability, and performance consistency compared to existing proteases. Overall, PURAFECT Prime is a robust enzyme with respect to temperature, concentration, and water hardness.

    "We are pleased to offer our protease technology to the market," said Philippe Lavielle, vice president of Fabric & Household Care at Genencor. "The improved cleaning performance at low temperatures allows us to again show our commitment to, and solidify our strength in the Heavy Duty Liquid Detergent segment. Ultimately, we believe this high-performance enzyme will bring a new level of differentiation and competitiveness to detergent manufacturers worldwide."

    To find out more about PURAFECT(R) PRIME, please visit our website at or contact your Genencor representative.

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    Genencor International is a diversified biotechnology company that develops and delivers innovative products and services into the health care, agri-processing, industrial and consumer markets. Using an integrated set of technology platforms, Genencor's products deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to many of the problems of everyday life.

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