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ECOLABORATION(TM) Initiative Directs Nespresso to Sustainable Success

    Barcelona, Spain (ots) - Commitment to ambitious coffee, capsules and carbon sustainability targets

    Nestlé Nespresso SA today launched Ecolaboration(TM), a platform for partnership with key stakeholders to improve the sustainability throughout the Nespresso value chain. With the launch the company extends its commitment to three major targets that will significantly enhance its sustainability performance by 2013. Through Ecolaboration(TM), Nespresso will consolidate and extend all of Nespresso's sustainability efforts in coffee, capsules, machines, together with its overall operations, into a single concerted program

    Nespresso's foundation Ecolaboration(TM) targets commit the organization to achieve the following by 2013:

    - Nespresso will source 80% of its coffee through its unique        
AAA Sustainable Quality(TM) Program and Rainforest Alliance              
Certified(TM) farms          

    - Nespresso will put systems in place to triple its capacity        
to recycle used capsules to 75%          

    - Nespresso will reduce the overall Carbon Footprint required        
to produce every cup of Nespresso by 20%

    Nespresso CEO, Richard Girardot, said at the launch "Ecolaboration (TM) will bring very significant environmental, social and economic benefits to Nespresso, our consumers, and especially our many thousands of coffee growing partners in Central America, Africa and soon India.. Ecolaboration(TM) will allow us introduce sustainable innovation into everything we do, powering Nespresso's growth, our sustainable success, into the future," Mr Girardot said

    Electronic Media Kit

    You will find more information on Ecolaboration(TM) in the
electronic media kit                                                                              
( ) which features
the Ecolaboration(TM) media release and media briefs, as well as the
Nespresso corporate backgrounder and related annexes, videos and
presentations from the media and stakeholder briefings today.

    Speakers included:

    - Richard Girardot, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso SA

    - Guillaume Le Cunff, International Director, Nestlé NespressoSA

    - Tensie Whelan, President of the Rainforest Alliance

    - Juan Marco Alvares, IUCN's Director of Economics and Environmental Governance

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