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Bloomberg Markets Reveals the World's Best-Paid Investment Banks

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    - The Bloomberg 20 Issue Ranks the Banks and Bankers Who Generate Top Results

    Bloomberg Markets, the leading magazine for financial experts, today unveiled the Bloomberg 20, which ranks investment banks by deal fees instead of volume. The April issue of Bloomberg Markets, on newsstands mid-March, also identifies the people who make it happen -- five key individual M&A advisers, bond underwriters and equity underwriters to watch in 2005.

    The Bloomberg 20 was compiled by Bloomberg Markets based on the total fees investment banks collected in 2004 for underwriting securities and advising on mergers and acquisitions worldwide. The data is based on disclosed commissions and Bloomberg's calculations.

    Bloomberg 20 Top Investment Banks

      The first annual Bloomberg 20 ranking is as follows:
      All Figures in US Dollars
          Company                              Total Fees, In Millions
      1. Citigroup                                  $3,655.7
      2. Goldman Sachs                              3,605.0
      3. Morgan Stanley                            3,305.9
      4. JPMorgan Chase                            2,977.2
      5. Merrill Lynch                              2,705.5
      6. UBS                                              2,351.8
      7. Credit Suisse                              2,113.4
      8. Deutsche Bank                              1,843.0
      9. Lehman Brothers                          1,607.4
      10. Bank of America                            981.4
      11. ABN Amro Bank                                913.6
      12. Nomura Securities                         743.6
      13. RBC Capital Markets                      699.9
      14. HSBC                                              673.4
      15. Rothschild                                    618.1
      16. Daiwa Securities                          602.2
      17. Lazard                                          535.1
      18. Wachovia                                        472.6
      19. Bear Stearns                                 438.3
      20. BNP Paribas                                  424.4

    Also in the April issue, Bloomberg Markets identifies those bankers who are responsible for overseeing much of the fees collected for 2004 and who are poised for another great year in 2005.

    Top 5 M&A Bankers

    According to Bloomberg Markets, M&A activity dramatically increased in 2004 to near 2000 levels, and the trend is clearly continuing in early 2005. Thus far in 2005, there are already over US$220 billion of acquisitions in the works, says Bloomberg Markets, with new deals being announced almost daily. As M&A activity continues its torrid pace, the April issue of Bloomberg Markets names the top five M&A bankers to watch in 2005:

@@start.t1@@      All Figures in US Dollars
                 Individual Company                              2004 Fees Earned, In Millions
      1. Jack Levy, Gene Sykes Goldman Sachs                          $1,517.1
      2. Robert Kindler JPMorgan Chase                                      1,406.6
      3. Stephen Munger Morgan Stanley                                      1,247.2
      4. Frank Yeary Citigroup                                                  1,231.6
      5. Steven Baronoff Merrill Lynch                                         839.4@@end@@

    According to Bloomberg Markets, all of the top four M&A adviser firms in the Bloomberg 20 -- Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup --collected roughly twice as many fees in 2004 as they did in 2003. Bloomberg Markets states that JPMorgan saw the greatest increase in market share to 8.6 percent in 2004 from 6.2 percent in 2003, and saw its fees increase to US$1.406 billion from US$677 million.

    Top 5 Equity Underwriters

    The IPO returned in 2004, with US133 billion of new stocks underwritten worldwide, more than doubling 2002's total, says Bloomberg Markets. Although the recent slump in global equities leaves a question about the continued strength for the coming year, Bloomberg Markets identified the top five equity underwriters to watch in 2005:

@@start.t2@@      All Figures in US Dollars
                 Individual Company                              2004 Fees Earned, In Millions
      1. David Solomon Goldman Sachs                                         $1,596.4
      2. Tyler Dickson Citigroup                                                 1,427.6
      3. Walid Chammah Morgan Stanley                                         1,390.2
      4. James Birle Merrill Lynch                                              1,317.2
      5. James Garvin, Lucinda Riches UBS                                  1,020.9@@end@@

    According to Bloomberg Markets, Goldman Sachs, the No. 1 firm in global equity underwriting fees, roughly doubled its 2003 total to nearly US$1.6 billion in 2004 from US$872.5 million in 2003. It also increased its market share to 10.9 percent in 2004 from 10.2 percent in 2003, says Bloomberg Markets. Merrill Lynch, fourth in global equity underwriting fees, also saw tremendous gains in 2004. Its fees and market share rose to US$1.317 billion and a 9.0 percent markets share from US$642.4 in fees and a 7.5 percent market share in 2003, according to Bloomberg Markets.

    Top 5 Bond Underwriters

    Sales of new debt securities rose 10.9 percent to US$2.86 trillion worldwide in 2004, and yet underwriting fees actually declined by 9.2 percent to US$11.6 billion, says Bloomberg Markets. Since 1999 and the repeal of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act separating banks, securities firms and insurers,  large lenders have flooded into the business, resulting in a reduction of  fees, the April issue states. In this challenging environment, Bloomberg  Markets identifies the top five bond underwriters to watch in 2005:

@@start.t3@@      All Figures in US Dollars
                  Individual Company                            2004 Fees Earned, In Millions
      1. Chad Leat, Marwan Marshi Citigroup                                 $996.6
      2. Carlos Hernandez JPMorgan Chase                                        809.2
      3. Jim Healy Credit Suisse First Boston                                713.2
      4. Zoe Cruz Morgan Stanley                                                    668.5
      5. Richard Byrne Deutsche Bank                                              576.4@@end@@

    According to Bloomberg Markets, all of the top five global debt underwriters -- Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank -- collected significantly fewer fees in 2004 than they did in 2003. Citigroup remained No. 1 in this category but also saw the greatest falloff in fees, dropping to 8.6% market share and US$996.6 million in fees in 2004 from 11% of market share and US$1.427 billion in fees in 2003.

    The entire report on investment banking fees can be found in the April issue of Bloomberg Markets.

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