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    - Increases Click Rate Responses by up to 30 Fold

    Online ads that are shown to consumers based on in-category behaviours have a substantial impact on responsiveness according to independent research conducted by Feedback Research (, a division of Claria(SM) Corporation.

    The recent study, utilizing BehaviourLink's behavioural insights platform, highlighted how behavioural targeting technology can dramatically increase the response rates of standard IAB banner ad units within publisher Web sites. The study examined run of site ads from sixteen Travel, Finance, Personals and Retail advertisers at a major portal. The ads were evaluated on initial click rate responses from consumers whose recent behaviour indicated an interest in these categories versus the response rates of consumers who hadn't showed any similar category interest in the past two weeks.

    "This study is the first to conclusively show how targeting consumers' relevant commercial behaviour can drive a massive lift in the performance of ad campaigns," commented Jeff McFadden, president and CEO of Claria Corporation. "Given that we have the technology to produce results of this magnitude, we are in a unique position to use the BehaviourLink network to work with publishers to deliver these types of results for all advertisers."

    Behaviourally Targeted Ads Provide up to 30 Times the Lift as Untargeted Ads

@@start.t1@@      -- Consumers who exhibited category behavviour and were shown an ad fo
          that same category within one hour, were on average, 14 times more
          likely to respond than consumers who had not exhibited a category
          behaviour in the past two weeks.
      -- The Retail category showed the greatest lift with consumers. Those
          category consumers shown an ad within one hour of exhibiting a
          category behaviour were 30 times more likely to respond than consumers
          who had not exhibited a category behaviour in the past two weeks.
      -- Even when relevant ads were shown days or weeks after observing a
          related behaviour, response rates were up to 360% higher than run of
          site ads:
          - Finance +360% lift (1.86% vs. .41%)
          - Travel +210% lift (.74% vs. .24%)
          - Personals +120% lift (.40% CTR vs. .14%)
          - Retail +110% lift (2.3% CTR vs. 1.1%)
      -- Consumers who exhibited a category behaviour, and then received a
          category ad at a run of site (ROS) section within an hour of that
          behaviour, responded more favorably than consumers who saw that same
          ad contextually within the vertical section of the Web site:
          - In the Travel category, ads that were shown in the travel section
              achieved a 1.03% click rate versus a 2.02% response rate of the
              behaviourally targeted ROS ads displayed outside the Travel category
              within 1 hour.
      -- In terms of the impact of frequency, there was no decline in response
          rates for the first three impressions when the ads were behaviourally

    "Results like these are not surprising given that our Institute's research shows that consumers are tired of the barrage of untargeted advertising and that they would respond more favorably to ads that were relevant to them," added Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman of Ponemon Institute. "This not only improves consumers' response to relevant ads but also enhances consumers' trust and confidence in publisher Web sites."

    For more information and results of the research contact Mandy Mladenoff of SHIFT Communications -- +1-415-591-8420,

    About Claria Corporation: Founded in 1998, Claria Corporation ( is a leader in online behavioural marketing. Claria's behavioural data platform provides Web publishers and advertisers the information they need to deliver advertisements targeted to individual consumer interests. Claria provides marketing research and business insights through its Feedback Research division, delivering in-depth analytics of consumer Web usage patterns across the Internet. Claria's Vista Marketing Services division is dedicated to bring consumers a more relevant and highly personalized Web experience. Claria headquarters are located in Redwood City, California, with U.S. offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Detroit, Austin, and International offices in the U.K. and Asia.

    About Feedback Research: Feedback Research, a division of the Claria Corporation, offers a breakthrough way to conduct one-to-one research with tens of millions of consumers while they surf the Web. With access to the wealth of information and respondents from Claria's GAIN Network, Feedback Research can help advertisers find out more about customers, because advertisers can create samples based on what consumers actually do online versus the less reliable method of using self-reported data.

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