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Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk(R) Releases LocationLogic 6

3gsm Conference, Cannes, France (ots/PRNewswire)

- Comprehensive Location Solution Platform for European Market
At the 3GSM conference in Cannes, France, Autodesk, Inc. today
announced the latest version of its comprehensive solution platform
for location-enhanced services, Autodesk LocationLogic 6. Built from
the ground up to meet the needs of wireless network operators,
LocationLogic 6 is an example of how Autodesk's award winning
technology continues to evolve to anticipate and meet the real-world
demands of carriers, enterprises, and consumers in the growing
location market.
"With LocationLogic 6, we are extending our user plane and
geoservices expertise in North America to meet the unique needs of
the European market," said Joe Astroth, vice president, Autodesk.
"The latest release of LocationLogic demonstrates that Autodesk has
the experience and resources to consistently lead innovation in the
location-based services market."
Among the major new features of LocationLogic 6, its privacy
management now controls location related privacy preferences on a
per-subscriber, per client-application basis. A subscriber's privacy
preferences are maintained in his or her privacy profile. This
capability adds force to Autodesk's strong, on-going commitment to
user privacy.
For additional privacy management and geo-spatial enhancements,
Autodesk LocationLogic 6 takes advantage of an A-GPS user plane
location interface, which utilizes highly accurate Global Positioning
System signals to calculate a user's location. Autodesk is the leader
in user plane privacy management and geoservices in North America and
is extending its expertise in emerging Secure User Plane Location
(SUPL) technology to meet the unique needs of the European market.
User plane architecture uses the TCP/IP capability of the existing
network infrastructure, so carriers do not have to invest in costly
equipment upgrades to bring location to their customers.
LocationLogic 6 also offers J2ME and BREW support for handset
extensions that enable rapid deployment of privacy enhanced mobile
applications and network based applications.
The platform's new geospatial alerting and subscriptions (triggers
and alerts) enable mobile operators to optimize the use of their
existing network infrastructure while offering new
revenue-generating, location-enabled services to a mass market. The
passive network-monitoring technology eliminates the excessive
network traffic normally associated with frequent network polling to
track mobile subscribers, enabling scalable deployments of compelling
enterprise and consumer tracking applications.
LocationLogic 6 now fully supports the Red Hat Linux operating
system as well as Sun Solaris, offering carriers greater flexibility
in deployment.
Autodesk LocationLogic was engineered to meet specific
requirements such as a scalable J2EE architecture and the ability to
handle high-volume transaction loads in order to offer unparalleled
flexibility and reliability to wireless network operators. Its
capabilities include multi-modal routing and user zones which support
tracking and notification services such as fleet management. In
January 2004, Autodesk's OpenGIS(R) Location Services (OpenLS(TM))
Specification was officially adopted by the Open Geospatial
Consortium, Inc. Co-authored by Autodesk, this open specification
ensures interoperability between location-aware applications. It also
supports the Autodesk LocationLogic Software Development Kit.
About Autodesk
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Autodesk Location Services
(, a division of Autodesk,
Inc., provides a complete solution that enables wireless network
operators to quickly and reliably offer location-based services to
their subscribers.
Founded in 1982, Autodesk is headquartered in San Rafael,
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